Capturing and sharing memories on social media is a favorite pastime for many. They frequently enhance their photos to make them more appealing. Dazz Cam is the perfect app for this job as it offers creative and eye-catching filters to edit photos that can be shared across various social media platforms. Please take advantage of this fantastic app and try it today!

What is Dazz Cam app?

Dazz Cam, a classic photo and video editing application crafted by Dazz Cam, caters to Android users seeking a vintage touch in their visuals. The app features a built-in VHS camera and a boomerang function for creating impressive boomerang videos.

With an extensive selection of cool effects and filters, Dazz Cam is the premier pocket photo editing app for those looking to enhance their images and videos with a nostalgic twist.

Tool to turn ordinary photos into vintage cinematic ones

All features of Dazz Cam app

What can Dazz Cam do for you? These are its most outstanding features.

Create photos with a vintage feel

While numerous mobile photo editing apps are available, finding one specializing in creating the perfect vintage aesthetic can be challenging. Dazz Cam is a rare gem in this regard.

Its strength lies not in its unique effects but in the depth of its layers. Each photo processed through built-in fine-tuning capabilities boasts beauty and richness. It transports users to the romantic, nostalgic era of 90s photography with its vintage-style film filters.

Create vintage photos with depth and emotion with Dazz Cam

Dazz Cam’s wide range of effects allows you to transform every photo into a cherished memory, capturing every precious moment of your life. The depth in images refined with this app is achieved through its classic filter effects.

Get creative with unique overlays

The Gradient Overlay feature is the perfect solution for those seeking to infuse their photos with vibrant colors and unique nuances. By blending colors and applying them to your images, you can create captivating compositions that showcase your love of color and aesthetic sensibilities.

Light leak and dust texture

Dazz Cam also takes special interest in the “Light Leak” effect, which simulates rays of sunlight accidentally entering the frame and illuminating your subject. When applied correctly, this effect transforms your photo into a new work of art.

Discover amazing effects and apply them to your photos

By adding wind, dust, sunshine, rain, or even snow to your images, this app enables you to turn ordinary photos into breathtaking cinematic scenes. With a single tap, the app’s dust effect will make your photos sparkle unprecedentedly, elevating them to a new level of visual appeal.

Over 50 retro filters and effects

Dazz Cam currently boasts over 50 retro filters, including Disco, Miami, D3D, VHS, Glitch, Grain, Lomo, Cinema, and Snapshot, enabling you to recreate the charm of classic cameras with their distinct time effects. Experiment with deep watercolors and gentle splashes of color, blending them with the serenity of bygone eras to make every unforgettable moment.

Retro effects and filters for you to edit photos in your way

Automatic face recognition

The app also features a facial recognition system automatically focuses on your face when taking a selfie, demonstrating high-quality images. Additionally, it includes a built-in timer, allowing for hands-free photography and providing users with the utmost convenience in capturing their memories.

Share photos directly

After creating stunning vintage photos with this app, showcase them on social media platforms and watch the likes roll in.

The app lets you conveniently save edited pictures to your device’s gallery or share them directly on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. You can captivate your audience and express your distinct creative flair by sharing your unique, vintage-style images.

Share your work from Dazz Cam with your friends

System requirements to use Dazz Cam

To install and use this app on your devices (mobile or PCs), check the system requirements first.


  • Android 5.0 or later, or
  • iOS 13.0 or later.


  • RAM: 8GB (minimum), 16GB (recommended)
  • Storage: SSD
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 8th Gen, AMD Ryzen 3000, or Qualcomm Snapdragon 8c.
  • Processor architecture: x64 or ARM64

How to download Dazz Cam for Android and iOS

(1) Open Google Play or App Store on your mobile.

(2) Search for this app > install it > wait for the installation to complete and open to use it.


Or you can get Dazz Cam APK (for Android only) in the following way:

(1) Click on Dazz Cam APK and select “Download APK,” then wait for the download to complete.


(2) Install the .apk file received in the Download folder. If the device asks you for permission to install unknown sources, follow the request.

(3) After installing the .apk file, you can immediately open and use this app.

How to download Dazz Cam for Windows

(1) Download an Android emulator for your PC. We encourage you to use BlueStacks as it is the leading emulator available today.

(2) Open BlueStacks, log in to your account, and go to Google Play Store.

(3) Search for “Dazz Cam” on the search bar and install it as usual.

(4) Enjoy this app on your computer.

FAQs about Dazz Cam app

Is Dazz Cam free?

This app is free to install and use on Android, iOS, or Windows (via an emulator). But with this free version, some features are limited. You may only use some of this app’s filters, effects, and resources.

Is Dazz Cam easy to use?

How to use this app is similar to most common photo editing applications, so it is easy to access it. But how to create photos is up to your imagination and creativity.

What are the best effects of Dazz Cam?

Light Leak, Glitch, Dust Texture, Gradient Overlay, Grain, VHS, and more.

Dazz Cam is an amazing vintage photo and video editing app for Android devices. Offering a safe, user-friendly, and accessible experience, it is the ultimate pocket-sized photo and video editor. With numerous captivating effects and filters, the app enables you to effortlessly add a touch of vintage charm to your visuals. Download this app now and immerse yourself in the world of nostalgic photo and video editing.

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  • Filters and Effects85
  • Friendly Interface85
  • Easy-to-use85
  • Ads Frequency70
  • Price85



    the good

  • Many filters and effects to create retro style photos.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Many free resources.

    the bad

  • Some resources in the app are limited.
  • Ads interrupt usage.
  • No official version for Windows.

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