Let’s discover the versatile FX Player app, ideal for mobile users who frequently watch videos or stream content while multitasking. This app from FIPE Labs enables you to play videos from local storage or online platforms with customizable settings. Enjoy high-quality playback, easy-to-use controls, and extensive subtitle options. Dive into our detailed review to explore its remarkable features, and download it now!

FX Player and its great features 

FX Player is a new generation high-definition video player!

This app has great features for you to customize and play high-quality videos. It even allows you to download videos from social media sources, then enjoy them in pop-up mode. But that’s not all about it. Its outstanding features are mentioned below.

Play videos with optimized controls

FX Player ensures smooth, real-time visuals for offline and online videos, providing an enjoyable experience for Android users. The app’s extensive playback settings allow for video customization to suit your preferences, for example:

  • Adjust screen orientation for landscape or portrait viewing
  • Customize video aspect ratio with screen type settings
  • Modify playback speed for fast-forward or slow-motion experiences
  • Camera functionality for video recording or photo taking
  • Home button and Side menu for easy navigation to categories
  • Access a collection of movie editing tools conveniently located on the screen for quick editing and storing favorite clips.
Play video and customize speed, quality, and aspect ratio

Effortlessly control tasks using one or two fingers: touch, drag, pinch, double-tap, or swipe left and right.

Play videos in 4K quality

FX Player stands out for its exceptional video quality, offering users an unparalleled viewing experience. It supports various picture standards, including HD (720p), FHD (1080p), 4K UHD (2160p), and 8K UHD (4320p), demonstrating smooth object movement. Elevate your video-watching experience and immerse yourself in the captivating content provided by FX Player.

Enjoy videos in up to 8K quality on your mobile

Manage your video library

Begin by granting FX Player access to local storage videos and explore online tabs for additional content. Videos are organized into specific folders, making them easy to locate and manage. Utilize sorting options to streamline folder and video lists, or use the search feature for quick results.

Watch and download online videos on social networks

FX Player allows Android users to watch videos from platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram using their connected accounts. The built-in browser enables direct website video viewing within the app, and users can add pages to their online video menu for quick access. 

They can explore popular online content or find material tailored to specific interests. Stream top music videos and high-quality content without platform registration. Additionally, FX Player allows downloading videos for convenient offline viewing.

Watch videos online and download them from social media

Convert video formats and extract MP3

FX Player offers Android users versatile options like converting videos to different file formats without size or type restrictions. The app’s unique features include video format conversion, audio extraction, and creating personalized GIFs for sharing or collecting. Experience a range of creative tools designed to enhance your enjoyment and customization needs.

Customize subtitles the way you want

FX Player provides several optimization features and supports subtitles like OPlayer and MX Player Pro. Publish subtitle files for particular movies or allow the app to look for available subtitles. To make writing more comfortable to read, you can alter its size, style, and border.

Enable subtitles in multiple languages and edit them freely

Watch videos in pop-up mode

Users of Android devices can watch videos in a pop-up view or easily preview them using FX Player. Use PIP (picture-in-picture) mode for multitasking while viewing videos on your device by tapping the video to enter preview mode.

Live streaming across various platforms

FX Player can stream on well-known sites in addition to playing personal videos. Its Network Streaming system links to the best live platforms for seamless video display. It can also be connected to TVs, tablets, and laptops for a versatile watching experience on various platforms.

Stream videos across platforms like mobile, tablets, and laptops

Requirements to use FX Player app

FX Player offers a free version on the Google Play Store with various accessible features but may include ads. To access all features, users must purchase the premium version.

FX Player requires device access permissions like other mobile applications to ensure complete functionality. Always accept the application’s request when entering the main menu.

Updating your mobile device to the latest firmware version (Android 8.0 or later) will enhance compatibility and stability.

How to download FX Player app for Android

To download and use this app on your Android device, you can follow one of two ways:

Method 1:

(1) Open Google Play on your phone and search for “FX Player.”

(2) Click “Install” to install the app, then click “Open” to open it.


Method 2:

(1) Click on FX Player APK to go to the download page, then select “Download APK.”

(2) After the download, open the apk file in the Downloads Folder, then select “Install.

(3) Once the file is installed, you can open it to use this app immediately.


How to download FX Player for PC

This app is currently only available on Android, but you can use an emulator to run it on your PC.

(1) Download, install, and start the LDPlayer emulator on your PC.

(2) Click on the search bar and enter “FX Player.” The emulator will automatically redirect the page to the Google Play Store.


(3) Click “Install” to install this app, then open and use it on your PC.


FAQs about FX Player

Is FX Player app free?

This app is available for free on Google Play. But you must pay to subscribe to the premium plan if you want to use advanced features. You may not need to pay for only limited features.

What platforms can FX Player run on?

This app only runs on the Android platform, but you can use an emulator to run it on Windows.

How to remove ads in FX Player?

You need to subscribe to the Premium plan of this app. Or you can download its MOD version to get the premium package without paying. But beware, this version can harm your device in some cases.

In short, if you need a mobile video player, check out the FX Player app. This application will help you to play videos of any format and provide convenient controls. Mobile video viewing is now wholly redefined. Although it has a free version, it will have ads that annoy you. Download this app and subscribe to Premium to enjoy the most comfortable experience.

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  • Video Quality90
  • Friendly Interface85
  • Easy-to-control85
  • Price80
  • Smooth85



    the good

  • Play videos in up to 8K quality on Android.
  • Provides controls to customize the video player.
  • Useful features to customize, download, and store videos.

    the bad

  • The free version contains ads.
  • Videos in certain formats cannot be played.
  • Only available for Android.

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