Loklok may be an unfamiliar name, but this versatile entertainment app offers great potential. It’s a place to enjoy movies, cartoons, and games on your mobile device or PC. Follow the instructions below to download Loklok app now!

What is Loklok?

Finding a movie streaming app is easy, but Loklok is a comprehensive entertainment hub. Offering movies, anime, and games in one convenient and dynamic platform, Loklok is a popular choice for all-in-one entertainment. Now you can access your favorite content with just one app.

Loklok brings you into the world of movies and TV shows

Loklok app: All its outstanding features

Why should you choose Loklok over others? That’s because it has a large movie library with HD quality and above, smart search, personalization, and more.

High-quality movie collection

Many well-liked films, TV programs, and other media are available on Loklok, including the best works from the US, Europe, Japan, China, Korea, and Thailand. This app offers HD-definition visuals and standard audio on mobile devices, tablets, and large screens, guaranteeing a fantastic viewing experience.

In addition to movies, Loklok offers a wide selection of cartoons, including outstanding features, timeless favorites, and the most recent releases. Finding your beloved film or TV program on Loklok is simple, thanks to daily updates and simple search functionality.

Enjoy hundreds of Asian movies in high quality

Personalize your movie library

Loklok allows users to create a list of favorite movies or those they intend to watch soon, with options for self-categorization such as type, actor, and upcoming. This organization and customization make the extensive movie library more accessible and user-friendly.

With Loklok, users can interact with various app features and enjoy simple games for casual entertainment after watching movies or TV shows. This added functionality provides a well-rounded experience within the application.

Customize your movie library to your liking

Smart search feature

Loklok app offers a built-in filter to narrow down searches by topic or genre, making it easier to find new movies within preferred genres. The filter feature is accessible throughout the app, providing a convenient user experience.

Use smart filters in Loklok for a quick search

Create and share your favorite short movies

Shorts, which are concise videos showcasing beauty or easy-to-understand content, are available on Loklok. These videos typically last around 60 seconds, and users can interact with features like commenting and sharing. Users can also upload their own edited short clips to share with the Loklok community.

How to download Loklok app for Android

Loklok is now available on Google Play, so you can download it easily.

(1) Open Google Play and search for Loklok app.

(2) Install this app and open it on your mobile device.


Or you can download Loklok APK for free in the following way:

(1) Go to Loklok APK site and select “Download APK”.


(2) After downloading the file, select “Open” to open the file in the Download folder.

(3) Click on the file and select “Install.”

(4) Wait for the installation to complete, then select “Open” to launch the app.

How to get Loklok free download on PC

This app is only available for mobile platforms, including Android and iOS. But you can use it on Windows by following these instructions:

(1) Download, install, and start the BlueStacks emulator.

(2) Step 2: Search for “Loklok” and click “Search in Google Play.”


(3) Step 3: Click “Install” and wait for the installation to complete. You can then open this app and use it right on your PC.


Or you need to visit Loklok’s official website on your PC and enjoy it.

Frequently asked questions about Loklok movie app

What movies are there in Loklok?

Most of the movies in this app are Asian movies, including titles from Korea, China, and Japan.

Is Loklok completely free?

You can download this app on your phone or use it on the website for free while being bothered by ads. If you want to remove ads, you should pay to subscribe to the monthly VIP plan.

On what platforms can Loklok app be used?

It is available for Android and web platforms.

Can movies in Loklok be viewed with subtitles?

Yes. Most movies have subtitles in multiple languages, including Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, and more.

In short, the Loklok app is a great choice for watching movies, TV shows, movie news, and more. It has a large movie library with high quality and smart filters for quick searching. Just a few taps to start enjoying your favorite entertainment. Don’t hesitate to download this app today.

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  • Library85
  • Friendly Interface85
  • Film Quality82
  • Personalized Capacity75
  • Price85



    the good

  • A large library of Asian movies and TV shows.
  • Premium video quality, from HD and up.
  • Smart search filters and convenient personalization.

    the bad

  • The free version contains ads.
  • Not many international movies and shows.
  • Only available for Android and web platforms.

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