Word is a widely recognized word-processing software essential for computers due to its user-friendly design and versatility. To cater to mobile users, Begamob Global has introduced Word Office, an app with similar features and added convenience. It supports editing docx, excel, ppt, pptx, and txt files. Let’s discover more about it now!

What is Word Office app?

Word Office, a widely-used mobile app for document creation and reading, is essential for office workers and others. Boasting integrated features from Word, Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint, it offers a versatile, all-in-one solution.

Word Office – Tool to read and edit office files on phones

Outstanding features of Word Office

This versatile office application has more to offer than you think. Its most prominent features are mentioned below.

A perfect Word editor

Computer tools are convenient for editing documents, but circumstances may arise where a computer is not accessible. Word Office offers a solution to this problem.

Users can edit documents within the app, like when using Word on a computer. This app provides the following:

  • Offline and online viewing docx Files on Android.
  • Create and edit document files, add watermarks, digital signatures, and more.
  • Built-in resume templates and forms to easily create and fill in forms on smartphones.
  • Convert PDF files into Word documents and vice versa, simplifying the editing and sharing file process.
  • Create and save multiple drafts for easier review and editing of manuscripts.
  • Extract text from images accurately and quickly.
Take advantage of all the features in the Word editor

Also, this app offers more than just word-processing capabilities. It also integrated features from Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint, allowing a range of tasks to be performed within one application.

More office tools

Creating spreadsheets, text files, and seemingly appealing presentations has always been more complex with this software. Its versatility makes it an indispensable tool for many professionals, from bloggers and writers to writers, students, and office workers who rely on it daily.


The PDF feature in Word Office lets users view and edit PDF files and collaborate on the same document. It provides a fast and comprehensive document editor that simplifies reading and sharing papers.

Users can edit documents similarly to PDF editing using the software, which presents Word and PDF reader documents in grid or list format. Other capabilities include bookmarking pages for later use and sharing papers for easy collaboration and saving.

View, edit, and share PDF files easily with Word Office


This app has a built-in Excel editor, which helps users to read, view and edit xls, txt, and xlsx files. It is also quite convenient to store and manage these files. To share an Excel file, you can convert it to other formats (PDF) and then send it via Gmail.

Create spreadsheets with formulas from simple to complex

Slide Document

This feature helps users to read and view files in .ppt format. At the same time, users have the right to edit any ppt file while collaborating with others. Besides .ppt files, Word Office can also open PPS, PPSX, and PPTX files. Reading, sharing, and editing presentations is now much more convenient.

Easily design presentations with Slide in Word Office

Add online comments to documents

After browsing through the document files, users can add comments directly to the pages, just like you would using Google widgets. The comment feature allows team members to work together, express opinions on parts of documents, suggest corrections, etc. Members who are shared will know who commented and the comment’s details.

Allows to scan documents and export files

Most documents are now in print, while others are on paper. Word Office will help you scan paper documents and create Word or PDF files. You must allow the app to access your phone’s camera to use the scan feature. After scanning, you can customize the file until you’re satisfied, then export and share it.

Simple to use, optimal interface

This application really impresses us with its simple and optimized interface. Some users even think it is more beautiful and convenient than traditional Word. Every editor in Word Office, from Word to Excel, Slide, and PDF, is neatly designed.

Features are intuitively displayed in the editor (at the bottom of the screen), so you can customize your document with just a few clicks.

Word Office has high compatibility and a clean interface

This tool also has compatibility to display nicely on different devices. For example, you’ll find document viewers and editors that show correctly on both smartphones and tablets. So no matter where the user handles the document, there is always the most comfortable experience.

How to download Word Office app for Android

Word Office is now available on Google Play so that you can get it quickly.

(1) Open Google Play and search for “Word Office” app.

(2) Click “Install” to install the app, then open and use it on your Android.


How to get Word Office app free download on PCs

To use Word Office on the Windows platform, you must use an emulator (e.g., BlueStacks).

(1) If you already have BlueStacks on your PC, open it and go to Google Play.


(2) In Google Play, search for “Word Office” and click “Install.


(3) After the installation, click “Open” to open and use this app on your PC.

FAQs about Word Office

Is Word Office free?

This app is free to install and use on your Android or PC, but some of its features are limited. To use advanced features, subscribe to its Premium monthly plan. The Premium plan also helps you to remove all ads in the app.

Does Word Office support document file management?

Yes. Documents you have opened and edited in Word Office will be stored in this application. You can star priority, rename, share, delete, and move files.

Is Word Office available for iOS?

No. It is only available on Android. On iOS devices, we recommend using alternative tools like Microsoft Word, Microsoft 365 (Office), Polaris Office – PDF & Docs, and more.

Word Office app generally brings many utilities to users, especially office workers. This tool supports you in opening, reading, and processing many Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF files. Converting between file formats is also quite convenient. Furthermore, files can be shared via Gmail easily.

If you want to unzip files on your phone, try the AZIP MASTER app!

  • Convenience85
  • Friendly Interface90
  • Easy-to-use85
  • Price80
  • Compatibility85



    the good

  • Integrated office tools: Word, PDF, Excel and PPT.
  • Allows easy reading, opening, editing and sharing of files.
  • Neat design, helping users access quickly.

    the bad

  • The free version contains many ads.
  • Only available for Android smartphones and tablets.

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