Concepts app is a fantastic tool to try out if you like to explore your creative side. This app allows artists of all skill levels to create sketches, diagrams, and plans directly on their smartphone or tablet screen. Check out the instructions below to download Concepts app for phones and PCs.

About Concepts app

Concepts (from TopHatch, Inc.) is an ideal platform for brainstorming, strategizing, and unleashing your creativity. With an infinite canvas, you can sketch your ideas, take notes, and doodle precisely using tilt and pressure.

Whether you’re storyboarding, creating product sketches, or developing design plans, Concepts has all the tools you need. Moreover, you can easily share your work with friends, colleagues, and other applications.

Also, it is optimized for the latest pen-enabled devices and Chrome OS™, demonstrating a seamless user experience.

Concepts gives space to sketch any artistic ideas

How Concepts features stand out

Let’s explore the features that make Concepts app so widespread and trusted by millions of users.

Sketch ideas, take notes, and draw

A collection of drawing instruments is not all that Concepts is. You can think, connect, plan, and create in this dynamic art space for all aspects of your life and business.

Using different canvas designs and a variety of pens, markers, and brushes, each with a different inclination, pressure, and stroke, the software allows you to quickly sketch out your ideas.

Draw, sketch, color, plan, and do everything

The final product produced with this tool can be a work of art, a clever product sketch, or a thorough design strategy. This app is an excellent option for personal and professional use because it lets you quickly and easily visualize and share your ideas with friends and clients.

Derive everything from vector

Concepts stands out because all of its material is produced using vectors. This implies that you have complete control over the hue and tip type of every stroke you make, regardless of size.

The app’s editing tools, like Nudge, Slice, and Select, let you adjust to the tiniest details, even if you’re new to digital art. Furthermore, it offers a variety of artistic techniques that draw inspiration from well-known designers who have worked for illustrious firms like Disney, PlayStation, Philips, HP, Apple, Google, …

Customize everything with vectors and explore famous art techniques

Every idea is given a distinctive blend of visualization, minimalism, and high realism due to the integration of various styles and experiences, which brings your ideas to life in an exceptional manner.

COPIC Colors wheel

For those looking to improve their artistic work, Concepts now has the COPIC color wheel. This color wheel offers a quick and effective method to select the perfect colors for your artwork.

Mobile users can easily choose complementary colors and produce the ideal color schemes for their artwork. You’ll always have imaginative and bright color combinations to wow your audience.

This new feature is an addition to Concepts’ already great toolkit. It is sure to be popular with both novice and experienced artists.

COPIC Colors Wheel in Concepts offers great color options

Explore the rich toolset in Concepts

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned artist, you’ll be amazed at the richness, completeness, and versatility of the toolsets available in Concepts.

Concepts offers a wide range of pencils, pens, and brushes for sketching, each with different nib sizes, pressures, inclinations, stroke velocities, and live smoothing capabilities. With so many options, you can easily tweak and customize them to fit your work perfectly.

Beyond the canvas, the app provides a multitude of pre-made frames with custom paper and grids, all accessible via the centralized options wheel or toolbar for quick selection.

Wide range of tools for drawing, sketching, coloring, and more

In terms of color and contour, the app employs an infinite layering system that automatically organizes color groups, line groups, and opacity groups.

Additionally, the series color wheel can be grouped by color system, including HSL, RGB, and COPIC, giving you access to millions of colors in a single system or blending systems for greater depth and complexity in your artwork.

Personalize everything you want

Concepts emphasizes customization, enabling you to adapt your tools and settings to your unique requirements.

You can add your preferred tools to your menu or tool wheel, making it convenient to use them while working on your artwork.

Set the parameters according to your needs

With this app, you can switch on various tool sets on your drawing screen, giving you immediate access to all the tools you need to produce stunning artwork.

A seamless and effective workflow is provided for all your creative endeavors once you have created your custom toolsets, which you can then easily apply and activate whenever you work.

Just drag and drop

One of Concepts’ standout features is its ability to allow users to quickly drop images onto the canvas, creating a valuable reference for their drawings or for easy tracking.

This functionality makes creating picture-perfect art easier, providing users with many tools to create highly realistic drawings.

Moreover, this feature works seamlessly with other artwork in Concepts, allowing you to explore the many implementations available. With this app, creating stunning artwork has never been more accessible or effortless.

Simple operation, suitable for even drawing beginners

Complete and export projects at any time

Concepts automatically creates subprojects for any unfinished files, enabling you to combine smaller projects into bigger ones or vice versa. Thanks to this feature, any archived project can be continued editing, added to, or copied at any moment, regardless of the context.

Depending on your requirements, it lets you export your files in various image formats after your project is finished, including JPG, PNG, and even PDF and vector files.

You can quickly share your exported files with clients and friends via email, messaging, or Google Drive to receive feedback and work with others.

Store, export, and share artwork with customers easily

How to download Concepts app for Android

It’s easy for you to get the app on Android, as it’s available on Google Play now. Follow these steps:

(1) Search for “Concepts” in Google Play.

(2) Click “Install” > wait for the installation to complete > select “Open” to launch the app and use it right on your Android device.


How to download Concepts app for iOS

The app is also available on the App Store, so you need to:

(1) Search for this tool in the App Store.

(2) Install and use the app on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad).


How to download Concepts for PC

To download this tool on Windows, follow these steps:

(1) Search Concepts in the Microsoft store.

(2) Click “Get” to start installing this tool > wait until the installation is complete > open and use the app on your PC.


Requirements required to use Concepts app

Users can obtain and use the app for free, though it does provide in-app purchases for those who want to access premium features.

It may request certain rights from your device to guarantee the app runs correctly and without a hitch. When you first access the app, quickly grant any permissions that are asked to ensure the accuracy of the application.

To guarantee the best compatibility with Concepts, it’s also advised that you update the firmware on your device, for example:


  • Android 8.0 and above
  • iOS 15.0


  • Windows 10 18362.0 or later version
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Video Memory: 1 GB

Frequently asked questions

What’s in Concepts premium package?

$10/month or $8.33/month billed annually per user.

By subscribing to this tool monthly or yearly, you gain access to every library, service, and feature available across all platforms. This includes exclusive access to new features and updates as they become available and priority support from its team of real-live humans.

What devices can Concepts be used on?

It can be used on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

What types of files can be exported from Concepts?

Files can be exported from Concepts in various image formats, including JPG and PNG, as well as PDF and vector files.

Thanks to its extensive feature set, Concepts app is the ideal drawing tool for artists of all ability levels. It offers the assistance you require to produce stunning works of art on your PC or mobile device, whether you need to sketch out an idea, develop intricate products, or realize your artistic vision. Download Concepts immediately and experience the perfect drawing tool for all your artistic requirements.

  • Features90
  • Friendly Interface80
  • Easy-to-use80
  • Smooth85
  • Response speed85



    the good

  • A wide range of basic and advanced drawing tools.
  • Vector allows for greater flexibility and ease of editing.
  • A variety of pre-made frames, layering capabilities, and color options.
  • Easily export Projects in a variety of file formats.

    the bad

  • Advanced features and tools require in-app purchases.
  • Some devices don't meet the app's minimum system requirements.
  • Beginners may struggle to navigate the app's interface and tools.

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