Atlas Fallen delayed – You know?

Focus Entertainment and Deck13 have delayed the release date of Atlas Fallen, now slated for August 10, 2023, on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S. This comes following its initial launch announcement, which is on May 16.

This fantasy action RPG revealed only six months ago had its gameplay footage unveiled just two weeks prior. Though fans may be disappointed by the delay, the extra time allows the development team to refine the game and provide the experience players have been eager for.

Here’s what Deck13 announced on their official Twitter:

This delay makes fans somewhat regretful because they thought they would be able to enjoy Atlas Fallen this May as initially announced. Proof that many players are expressing that in the Comments section of the tweet.

But apart from them, the rest expressed their patience. They expect the game’s breakthrough, so don’t mind waiting about 3 more months. Publisher Deck13 also said they would return in early summer to share more about their product. They also promised it would feature much new footage, fueling fan excitement.

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