Deck13’s newest venture, Atlas Fallen, has generated considerable buzz as the latest entry in their esteemed lineup, following the popular Surge series. Despite the initial Atlas Fallen release date announcement, the developers have been tight-lipped about the game, fueling fan anticipation and speculation. Luckily, we’ve now gained insight into the game’s inner workings to satisfy our curiosity.

To keep you informed, we’ve compiled all the essential details about this game, including its release date, platforms, and what to expect upon launch.

What’s Atlas Fallen release date?

Scheduled for release on May 16, 2023, Atlas Fallen’s potential to rank among the top PS5 and Xbox RPG games remains to be determined. However, its distinctive high fantasy setting promises a captivating experience.

Update: Atlas Fallen has been delayed to August 2023, according to the latest announcement from Deck13!

Players will wield extraordinary sand-bending techniques and primordial elemental magic, enabling them to unleash their power against formidable, colossal creatures inhabiting the mysterious, ruin-strewn landscape.

Atlas Fallen is expected to be available on platforms in 2023!

On which platforms will Atlas Fallen be available?

Atlas Fallen is set to launch on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, marking Deck 13’s debut on current-gen platforms after The Surge 2’s release. Although no reasons have been given for the absence of PS4 and Xbox One versions, the gaming industry is shifting focus away from these older consoles.

Everything about Atlas Fallen: Story and Gameplay

Before jumping into the game after its official release, you should learn about it now. Let’s talk about the story, gameplay, and what was leaked by Deck13.

Atlas Fallen Story

Details about Atlas Fallen’s gameplay are still limited, but what we know so far paints a picture of a semi-open world teeming with enigmas and perils. Players will employ a range of combat abilities through Essence Stones to confront colossal beasts.

The game will bring a great mythical fantasy story

By manipulating the surrounding sands, gamers will exercise control over the environment as they face off against legendary monsters and various evil creatures.

Atlas Fallen gameplay

The protagonist’s journey sees them evolve from an unknown individual to a hero possessing extraordinary powers not witnessed in Atlas for generations.

Use magic from the sand

In this game, players face the formidable Sand Wraith as their primary adversary. Equipped with magical abilities and diverse weapons, players can manipulate sand to unleash potent attacks and devastating combos. The Momentum system rewards players during combat, enabling increasingly powerful strikes.

Use sand as a hero’s powerful magical weapon

Sand also plays a role in exploration, allowing players to glide swiftly across the terrain and dash through the air. They can create new platforms by lifting sand and providing access to previously unreachable areas. Atlas Fallen seamlessly blends combat and exploration, inviting players to fully engage with the world and its systems.

Interact with the NPC system

Along the way, players interact with various characters, completing quests, trading, and forging alliances or rivalries. Characters may be supportive, charismatic, or outright hostile, depending on the hero’s actions.

As the story unfolds and the hero’s power expands, players will discover new territories, encounter inhabitants of isolated settlements and the capital city, and engage with farmers, soldiers, knights, and priests. Some interactions may be fleeting, while others play a more significant role, ultimately shaping the hero’s quest in various ways.

Adventure, interact, and trade with NPCs

As of now, that’s all the information available about Atlas Fallen’s release date. Keep an eye out for more updates on this action RPG and the latest gaming news right here.

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