Avatars Saga is an adventure RPG with a beautiful oriental fantasy world. It not only attracts a large number of gamers thanks to its majestic scenery but also because of its attractive code series. Looking for the latest Avatars Saga codes 2023? You’re at the right place. Check out the following list of codes and learn how to redeem codes for free rewards now!

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Latest active Avatars Saga codes (April 2023)

Here is the newest code summary in April 2023 of Avatars Saga.



Working Status

  • 50 b-ingots
  • 50k silver
  • Lv.1 cold jadestone
  • 9 roses


  • 50 b-ingots
  • 50k silver
  • Lv.1 king kong stone
  • 9 roses


  • 50 b-ingots
  • 50k silver
  • 1.5x exp potion
  • 2-hour offline grinding card
  • 3 junior stunt essence


  • 50k silver
  • 2 1.5x exp potions
  • 5-hour offline grinding card
  • 2 individual boss challenge tokens


  • 60 b-ingots
  • 50k silver
  • 1.5x exp potion
  • 3 protoss upgrade boluses
  • 3 junior wings essences


  • 50 b-ingots
  • 60k silver
  • 3 mount upgrade boluses,
  • 3 junior stunt essences
  • 5-hour offline grinding card


  • 288 b-ingots
  • 50k silver
  • 2 probe tokens


  • 120 b-ingots
  • 2 five-hour offline grinding cards
  • 1 boss refresh card
  • 2 lv.2 cold jadestones


Note: Don’t be angry if you use the codes in the table above without receiving the corresponding reward. That code may be outdated; we haven’t updated it here yet. Try other codes or wait a while to receive codes from new events in Avatars Saga.

What are Avatars Saga Codes?

These are the codes officially issued by Watt Games to give gamers free rewards at special events in the game. Each code is an alphanumeric sequence (sometimes with special characters) and is unique.

Each Avatars Saga code offers a unique gift: boosts, items, silver, upgrade cards, and more. They come in handy for your experience when adventuring through multiple locations and battling monsters in the game.

Get free rewards like boosts and items from active codes

It is no coincidence that the codes are issued. They only appear on special occasions like game birthdays, holidays, or updates.

The number of codes and the duration of the code are limited, making them enthusiastically sought after by gamers. So make sure you enter the above codes as soon as possible.

How to redeem Avatars Saga Codes

It’s simple to activate the code and use it to get free rewards. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Complete the tutorial after reaching level 30 in Avatars Saga.

Step 2: Click the “Welfare” icon on the game’s main screen.

Step 3: Click the “Activation code” icon.

Step 4: Take one of the codes from the table above and enter it in the empty box.

Step 5: Click “Collect Pack” and enjoy your rewards.

How to redeem codes in Avatars Saga game

How to update the latest Avatars Saga Codes?

The latest codes of Avatars Saga will be continuously updated on this page. So bookmark it and come back whenever you want a new code. Here are a few other ways to hunt for code yourself:

Visit and join the official social sites for code updates!

You will get the latest notifications about updates, events, and codes in these places. Moreover, you can interact with many online gamers playing Avatars Saga here.

FAQ about Avatars Saga codes

How many Avatars Saga codes are there?

There is no definite limit. The number of codes depends on the size of the event and the game publisher’s regulations. However, don’t worry too much because many new codes will be available as events will be held continuously.

Why is there no reward after entering the code?

You may have entered the wrong code because the code is often quite lengthy, with lowercase and uppercase characters and numbers. The best way is to “Copy” the code from the table above, then paste it into the code input box. A code without rewards can also be due to expire.

Are codes for everyone?

Yes. These are public codes for all gamers playing Avatars Saga on any platform.

How many times can each code be entered?

Each code can only be used once for 1 game account.

So what are you waiting for? Enter the latest Avatars Saga codes in April 2023 to receive super attractive rewards! Want more code? Please come back to our website often.

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