Final Fantasy is a world-renowned RPG series that has been highly regarded for many years. So, its latest game, Final Fantasy XVI, has generated a lot of anticipation among gamers. Fans are eagerly waiting for this upcoming installment and want to know its release date, trailer, and new features that it will bring to. Read more to know everything about Final Fantasy XVI news today!


What’s the Final Fantasy XVI release date?

Final Fantasy XVI, the upcoming action RPG from Square Enix, is the sixteenth main installment in the beloved Final Fantasy series. The game is scheduled to release on June 22, 2023, for PlayStation 5.

The game’s development started in 2015, and complete production got underway in 2016. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, caused the team to experience communication problems while working remotely, which resulted in a six-month delay in output.

When will Final Fantasy 16 come out officially?

Despite this setback, the initial scripting and development stages were finished by the end of 2020, and the final phases of development—including side missions and voiceovers—are presently in progress. The game’s official release date was eventually postponed to June 2023, though it was completely playable in 2022.

Fans of the game are disappointed by the delay because they are anxiously awaiting its release but also have higher expectations for it.

What platforms will Final Fantasy XVI be on?

Final Fantasy XVI will definitely be available on PlayStation on June 22, 2023, as Final Fantasy is an exclusive game series on this platform. But is it on PC, Xbox, and Nintendo?

What platforms will Final Fantasy 16 be released on?

Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to PC?

Furthermore, the game is expected to be available on PC at some point, but because of the heavy workload, it will take some time for its release.

Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to Xbox?

As for Final Fantasy 16 coming to Xbox, we’re not sure. Given the potential of Xbox, the game is expected to appear on Microsoft’s next-gen console.

Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to Nintendo?

It’s a pity Final Fantasy 16 can’t be on the Nintendo Switch and you probably understand why. This graphics-intensive game is unlikely to be compatible with Nintendo’s limited hardware.

Final Fantasy XVI trailer

Before diving deeper into Final Fantasy XVI news, you should check out its trailer below. It shows the producer’s investment and enthusiasm for this 16th part of Final Fantasy, both in terms of plot, gameplay, characters, graphics, and effects.

Final Fantasy XVI news: Story, gameplay, and characters

Since Final Fantasy XVI hasn’t been released yet, we can’t say 100% exactly what it will bring. But through the trailer and the public introduction from its publisher, we know quite a bit about what’s to come. That’s what you see below.


Final Fantasy XVI is a game set in Valisthea, a world divided into two continents, Ash and Storm, that are powered by magical Mothercrystals. The story is set 1500 years after a great war caused the collapse of a sky-based civilization with advanced technology.

The remnants of the civilization are now scattered throughout Valisthea, and the sky civilization is only a legend. Six nations control Valisthea in the game, and a powerful force in the world is the Eikons, magical creatures based on monsters summoned from the Final Fantasy series.

The story of FF16 revolves around the Valisthea world and Eikon

The known Eikons, including Phoenix, Shiva, Titan, Garuda, Leviathan, Bahamut, Odin, and Ramuh, each represent an element and usually never fight with each other. However, Ifrit, a second Fire Eikon, disrupts this balance and controls the main plot of the game.

The depletion of the Ether known as Blight is causing conflicts between the nations in Valisthea, and the Rulers play an important role in the political and military aspects of the nations.

Rulers can cast spells without crystals and manifest Eikons, but they are at risk of petrification. Depending on their birthplace, Rulers are either hailed as political leaders, tolerated for their power, or abused and used as weapons.


Final Fantasy XVI offers an evolutionary rather than revolutionary gameplay experience, building on the real-time combat system introduced in FF15.

Gamers play as Clive and fight the evil Evikons

The player assumes the role of Clive Rosfield, tasked with protecting his younger brother Joshua, who shares the power of Phoenix with him. After a tragic attack on their principality, Clive is driven by revenge and drawn into the conflict between nations and the Eikon Ifrit, the first Eikon to be fought directly.

This story promises a perfectly immersive experience. This experience will be full of eye-catching battles, where gamers can satisfy their hatred. Accompanying Clive are his friends. They can combine in many ways to conquer the wars with Eikon.


In Final Fantasy 16, the protagonist Clive is joined by a cast of compelling characters on his journey. Among them is Jill Warrick, the last Ruler of Shiva, who was once held as a political hostage, as well as Cidolfus Telamon, Ruler of Ramuh, who aims to provide refuge to persecuted magic users.

Additionally, Clive is accompanied by his loyal dog Torgal and interacts with other notable figures, including Barnabas Tharmr, Benedikta Harman, Hugo Kupka, and Dion Lesage, each holding important political positions in their respective nations.

Final Fantasy 16 revealed a new cast of characters

The diverse cast promises to offer a rich and engaging narrative for players to enjoy. Stay tuned to Final Fantasy 16 news to see if it adds any new characters.

How to get Final Fantasy 16 pre-order?

To pre-order Final Fantasy XVI, you can follow these instructions:

Step 1: Visit the official Final Fantasy 16 buying homepage.


Step 2: Select the version you want to pre-order.


Step 3: Confirm your date of birth.


Step 4: Click on the “Pre-order” button.



So, this article tells you everything about Final Fantasy XVI news – it’s exactly what we know so far. Finally, you know it will be released in June 2023 and revolve around the battle between the heroes and the Eikon. It promises a great RPG experience on PlayStation 5. Are you excited about it?

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