Since 2018, Milestone has released a new version of the Monster Energy Supercross series every year, gaining immense popularity in the US and drawing attention to the championship circuit. While the franchise’s first game made significant progress in the sports and racing game industries, later versions faced setbacks due to crashes.

But fear not, the latest release, Monster Energy Supercross 6, allows Milestone to redeem itself and get back on track.

What’s the Monster Energy Supercross 6 release date?

Milestone announced that Monster Energy Supercross 6 is out on the game’s official website. It is exactly on March 9, 2023. Thus, you have the game in hand from the moment you read this article. It promises to deliver the best off-road cycling thanks to improvements and new features.

When is Monster Energy Supercross 6 coming out?

Do you care how it differs from its predecessors? Let’s discover this game more to know.

Improvements in Monster Energy Supercross 6 game

Monster Energy Supercross the game 6 has utilized the Unreal Engine, which has yielded mixed results for racing games in the past, but the technology delivers incredible picture quality. This year’s game has addressed previous issues, boasting improved AI, physics, and terrain-specific animations for a refined racing experience.

Unlike Supercross 5, where the AI and physics systems were out of sync and caused frequent pile-ups and crashes, Supercross 6’s AI appears to be more consistent and doesn’t overpower itself at a steady pace, even on the highest difficulty levels, which is a significant improvement from the previous year.

Supercross 6 is designed with better AI and Unreal Engine

The helmet and track editor, a fan-favourite feature from previous games, has returned triumphantly to Monster Energy Supercross 6 with even more customization options.

With an extensive selection of design choices, players can express their unique style and share their creations with the online community on various platforms. Get ready to create and show off your one-of-a-kind designs in the racing world of Monster Energy Supercross.

New series of accessories added for you to customise your racing car

New features in Monster Energy Supercross 6

Aside from the gameplay changes, Milestone has added many other features to Supercross 6 video game. Here are the most prominent new features we’d like to mention:

Crossplay feature

Experience an all-new level of online play with Monster Energy Supercross 6. Crossplay functionality allows online matchmaking across all consoles while a new ranking system continuously tracks your achievements.

Crossplay – a new mode in Monster Energy Supercross 6



The beloved career mode is back and better than ever, now set in a futuristic world where players must rise to the top of the Monster Energy Supercross circuit by winning races and completing objectives.

To upgrade their driver, players must earn skill points by completing in-game objectives and allocating them to the skill tree that controls the driver’s attributes, a traditional approach with a twist. Get ready to rise to the challenge and become the ultimate Supercross champion.

The familiar career and milestone mode returns in Supercross 6


Experience a realistic take on the sport with Monster Energy Supercross 6’s Milestone mode. While not groundbreaking, the mode offers a unique feature often overlooked in other titles – the possibility of racers getting injured during races, affecting their performance.

This realistic consequence of participating in regular track and field events adds a new level of immersion to the game. Milestone has considered the sport’s physical trauma, making for a more authentic and engaging experience.

Rhythm Attack

The Rhythm Attack game mode (be played in split-screen) in Monster Energy Supercross 6 will elevate your gaming experience. Play head-to-head with pals in a frantic, one-way race on a straight track.

You’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout this knockout competition until the grand champion is announced. Prepare yourself to feel the excitement of battle like never before!

The new mode – Rhythm Attack, will be played in split screen

5 different areas to discover

Monster Energy Supercross – Official Video Game 6 offers players a unique experience beyond just racing. 

The Supercross Park is an expansive, immersive environment with five distinct zones featuring massive jumps and original tracks. It’s the perfect place to unwind and explore with friends, away from the intensity of competitive racing.

You’ll ride through the Peak and take on exciting stunts at the Airport, racing through hangars and abandoned planes. Discover the secrets of the Quarry, and experience the thrill of being a champion in the Stadium. 

In the fifth zone, inspired by the real-life FanFest, take on the Rider Shape System‘s challenges to recover from injuries or Jeremy McGrath’s specialized quests to enhance your abilities.

Supercross 6 brings 5 new areas to explore outside of race time


Supercross 5 was enjoyable, but its flaws couldn’t be overlooked. Although Supercross 6 followed a safe path, lacking a wild story in career mode or a significant visual change, it still managed to improve upon its predecessor.

The addition of crossplay and enhancements to the racing experience made for a more fluid and authentic racing game. Monster Energy Supercross 6 is a solid overall game, and its numerous game modes and features keep the experience varied.


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