Despite getting criticism for their bugs and crude gameplay, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have greatly increased in popularity within the Pokémon community. Because of this, it has become one of the franchise’s best-selling games, and its fan desires much more.

This has sparked rumors regarding the release of DLC. So when will Pokemon Scarlet And Violet DLC come out and what’s so special about it?

What’s Pokemon Scarlet And Violet DLC release date?

Fans can look forward to the upcoming release of Pokemon Scarlet And Violet DLC: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero in 2023, which will consist of two parts.

Teal Mask, the first season, is set to debut in the fall of 2023, and the second season, The Indigo Disk, following in the winter.

Throughout the new content, players will encounter two new Legendary Pokémon, Ogrepon in Season 1 and Terapogos in Season 2.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet DLC will come out in 2023

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet DLC 2023 – The Teal Mask: 4 New Pokemon

Although the first season, Teal Mask, will be released this fall, we have clues about the new Pokemon and their stories.

Accordingly, it will introduce four new Pokémon, including Monkidori, Okidogi, Fezandipiti, and Ogerpon. These new Pokémon seem to be inspired by a popular Japanese folktale, Momotaro, from the Edo Period.

In the folktale, the hero Momotaro befriends a talking dog, monkey, and pheasant, who join him on a mission to defeat an elf king that is threatening an island.

New Pokemon DLCs in Teal Mask are inspired by a Japanese folktale

In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet DLC, players can expect to see Okidogi (the two-legged dog), Munkidori (the monkey), and Fezandipiti (the pheasant) and team up with them to defend Kitakami Island against the legendary Ogerpon, which indicating a possible connection to the Momotaro folktale.

Protect Kitakami Island in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet DLC 2023

So, will there be DLC For Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Of course, yes. Even it has two parts, which come with exciting new Pokemon. More mysteries about it will be revealed in our latest news articles. Don’t forget to check them out!

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