Atomic Heart has been creating a fever in the world gaming community after only a few days of release. But do you know all about Atomic Heart gameplay, story, setting, and mystery surrounding it? Let’s discover all about this game with us right now!

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What is Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart is a first-person shooting RPG game developed by Mundfish and published by Focus Entertainment and 4Divinity. It was released on February 21, 2023, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

It has been in development for a long time (first introduced in 2017), then has several cuts, including the multiplayer mode, to meet its release deadline. However, it still shows great appeal since its debut. More than 89% of players liked it, according to Wikipedia statistics.

Atomic Heart is a super hot RPG game in 2023

Atomic Heart’s latest trailer in 2023

The game was first announced in 2017 with a brief trailer followed by a series of trailers detailing various aspects.

Most recently, it continued to announce another official trailer in February 2023. This trailer is part of a promotional plan for the game’s launch date. You can view it below and enjoy Atomic Heart trailer song.

Everything about Atomic Heart gameplay

Atomic Heart really impresses us with what it brings. It’s a complete storyline inspired by a futuristic world where robots are a part of human life. It is also perfectly built in terms of graphics, sound, weapon system, and more.

You can know about Atomic Heart gameplay through this brief video:

Now it’s time to analyze more aspects of it.

Story and background

Atomic Heart is set in an alternative history version of 1955 at Facility 3826, the Soviet Union’s primary scientific research center. In 1936, Dmitry Sechenov, a scientist, created the Polymers module program, which made significant technological advancements in the energy and robotics fields in the Soviet Union and freed most of the population from manual labor.

During World War II, the Soviet Union gained the upper hand before Nazi Germany was defeated in 1942. However, they later unleashed the Brown Plague virus, which resulted in millions of deaths and international demand for Soviet robots due to a shortage of workers.

Atomic Heart is set in the Soviet Union during a technological evolution

Following the war, Dr. Sechenov created “Kollektiv 1.0”, a wireless, networked artificial intelligence designed to link his robots for greater efficiency, as part of the Soviet Union’s post-war reconstruction program.

In Atomic Heart, Sechenov has developed the THOUGHT Neural Connector, a device that enables humans to communicate remotely with robots by integrating polymers into the human body.

Sechenov intends for THOUGHT to usher in a post-labor era for the entire world and will release it alongside Kollektiv 2.0. Unfortunately, the official launch of Kollektiv 2.0 on June 13, 1955, goes awry, causing Facility 3826 to fall into chaos.

Atomic Heart review – Role-playing and action gameplay

The chaotic scene requires the arrival of a savior, and it’s none other than you.

You’ll control Major Sergey Nechayev (codename Agent P-3), a World War II veteran suffering from memory loss, who befriends Dr. Sechenov after he saves his life. P-3 was brought to Facility 3826 to help implement Kollektiv 2.0, but upon arrival, he found that the facility’s robots have turned hostile and killed most of the human personnel.

Play as agent P-3 and bring the world back to peace

Sechenov informs P-3 that Viktor Petrov, the chief engineer of Kollektiv 2.0, sabotaged the Kollektiv 1.0 node that controls Facility 3826, and P-3 is tasked with finding and capturing Petrov.

Accompanied by his AI partner CHAR-les (also known as “Charles”), P-3 must face killer cyborgs and failed biomechanical experiments in his quest.

Modern character and robot system

Atomic Heart gameplay is a big highlight, but it has other highlights, typically the character system. The main character is Agent P-3 and his human allies. Of course, we must mention Charles, a useful robot attached to the hand of P-3.

Atomic Heart characters and modern robot system

On the opposite side, the game offers a series of robot enemies in various shapes. Some of them can move quickly, while others can fly and act decisively. That’s why you always find your journey full of surprises. When you set foot in a new place, there’s always something new waiting for you somewhere.

Not only their danger, but the robots in Atomic Heart also amaze you with their appearance. Their design ideas are inspired by sci-fi movies, we are sure. They’re quite diverse in shape, structure, attack, and mechanism of action. But don’t worry, you always have great weapons to deal with them.

Weapons are not the only thing in Atomic Heart

Battles are at the heart of Atomic Heart, of course. It includes activities like moving, shooting, exploring, puzzles, quests, and more. The help of weapons is the key for you to complete all required activities.

They’re available or made melee and ranged weapons. You can create a weapon by piecing together metal parts from a robot or assembling household appliances.

Use melee and ranged weapons, and an AI in your gauntlet

Among weapons, guns are the best. So ammunition is the important part you need to collect. Ammo is quite scarce and can only be found in “boxes”, which can be looted or crafted. If the box is empty, it will be automatically removed from your inventory.

Besides the gun, the special glove of P-3 (Charles) plays an important role. It gives the character some powers such as remote control, freezing, and electrocuting enemies. You can also combine it with melee or ranged weapons, but need to learn how to optimize it.

High-end graphics, effects, and movements

While not too surprising, we commend Atomic Heart for its graphics. It brings a modern fantasy world beyond our imagination.

In this world, people, robots, technology, and many real problems are reflected realistically, making us feel their existence. Although the robot image is not perfect, we believe that you will like and admire how sophisticated they are.

Atomic Heart impresses the modern robot world in 3D

The fire and explosion effects are also really lively, making the battles always thrilling and attractive. Moreover, the smooth movements of the characters make us feel satisfied. They make the first-person RPG experience more enjoyable and realistic than ever.

How to download Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is available on Steam for you to download to your Windows device. If you don’t know how to download it, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Search for “Atomic Heart” on the Steam store.

Atomic Heart on Steam

Step 2: Click “Add to Cart” before purchasing your favorite version (Atomic Heart, Atomic Heart – Gold Edition, Atomic Heart – Premium Edition, or Atomic Heart Pass).

Add Atomic Heart to your cart

Step 3: Click “Purchase for myself” or “Purchase as a gift”.

Step 4: Log in to Steam, then choose a payment method (PayPal or credit card), review, pay, and complete the game purchase. You will have Atomic Heart shortly after.

Choose the payment and get the game on your device

Frequently asked questions about Atomic Heart gameplay

What’s Atomic Heart initial release date?

Atomic Heart was officially launched on February 21, 2023, on various platforms, although it was first introduced in 2017. 5 years is a long time for this game to perfect many aspects of it.

Is Atomic Heart PS5 available?

Yes. The game is available on PS5, PS4, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Is Atomic Heart co-op available?

No. You cannot co-op with your online friends through any mode in Atomic Heart.

Is Atomic Heart multiplayer?

No. It only has a single-player story mode. We hope the game will add a multiplayer mode in the future.

It can be seen that Atomic Heart is the most worth-playing action RPG game in 2023. It has been discussed by many gamers and given positive reviews. How about you? Download the game now by clicking the “Download” button on this page. Then let us know how you feel about Atomic Heart gameplay.

  • Gamepplay85
  • Story90
  • Easy-to-play75
  • Graphics88
  • Sound80



    the good

  • Engaging gameplay mix of FPS and RPG elements.
  • Immersive storytelling with a complex narrative.
  • Detailed character models, environments, and lighting effects.

    the bad

  • No co-op and multiplayer mode.
  • Requires a stable connection to play smoothly.
  • Requires high capacity and device configuration.

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