TTHmobi, the publisher of “Realm of Heroes” and “Dragon Hunters”, has announced their latest product, Avatars Saga. This is a new RPG game with an amazingly beautiful Eastern setting. Now it’s available for you to pre-register, check it out!

Avatars Saga’s official release date

Avatars Saga is about to make its formal debut. Although the game’s release date has not yet been announced, early registration is now available for players to reserve their spots.

More than 10 million players have already delved into the enigmatic world of Avatars Saga in Asia before it even arrived in Viet Nam. In Southeast Asia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, the game has regularly ranked highly in terms of downloads and sales.

Avatars Saga (TTHmobi’s RPG game) is officially open for pre-registration

Asia, the Middle East, and Europe’s Android and iOS users can now take part in the pre-registration event. Players who pre-register can enter thousands of free draws and receive exciting gifts to improve their starting assets.

Outstanding features of Avatars Saga

The game promises to get you excited with its perfect RPG gameplay, vivid 3D setting, and multiple modes (including PvP and guild modes). But that’s not all, more about it is below.

Large and vivid 3D oriental world

Joining the game, you will discover a large Eastern world that is carefully described in 3D graphics. It has beautiful lands, where there are majestic fields and wild beasts that come out of the novel.

Besides, you can feel the flexible change of weather and climate. The characters with 3D design also provide a great immersive feeling.

Get ready for this unprecedented RPG adventure in Avatars Saga!

Explore a lively open world with Eastern culture

RPG combined with adventure gameplay

Like many other fantasy RPG games, Avatars Saga brings gamers into battle. The main task is to fight against ancient beasts to fulfill a heroic mission. Battles help your hero collect experience points (EXP), thereby leveling up and upgrading their attributes.

As characters level up, they gain access to new content (new locations, stories, and quests). Your adventure continues with endless wonders.

Avatars Saga brings you into epic battles and adventures

The class system, characters, and pets

The characters in the game are classified into 5 elemental classes, including fire, ice, thunder, light, and darkness. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, so there is no best choice. You should explore all the classes and learn how to use them creatively.

Character upgrading should also be in your plan. You need to complete many missions to earn rewards and increase EXP points. The bonus will help you buy the necessary piece of equipment for the hero.

Discover dozens of unique heroes, skins, and pets

Also, you aren’t alone when participating in Avatars Saga because having pets with you. They roam all over the land but always want to find their owner. Go on an adventure to find your favorite pets, collect and train them to be reliable companions.

Modes and events

Avatars Saga has a story mode where you explore quests in progress. It also has PvP and guild modes where you can interact with many online gamers.

In clan mode, you can form your own clan and make friends. Or you will join a clan founded by someone else. Clan members can work side by side on big quests. It’s time to show teamwork.

Awesome competitive and co-op events in Avatars Saga

How to pre-register Avatars Saga for free

With that said, the game is now open for pre-registration on Android and iOS platforms. The following instructions will help you to make a pre-registration to get rewards from the game later.

How to pre-register Avatars Saga on Android and iOS

Step 1: Search Avatars Saga on Google Play or on App Store.

Step 2: Click on “pre-registration”.

How to download Avatars Saga and play it on PC

Once released, you can download and play Avatars Saga on your computer through an emulator. It’s always more comfortable to play mobile games on a PC screen, that’s why we’ve provided you with the instructions below:

Step 1: Download an emulator to your computer. We choose BlueStacks as an example.

Install BlueStacks – an emulator to play Android games on PC

Step 2: After you install BlueStacks, sign in to your Google Play account.

Sign in to your Google Play account

Step 3: Search for “Avatars Saga” and select “Install” to download it to your PC.

Step 4: Once the installation is done, you can open the game and enjoy it on your PC.

Frequently asked questions about Avatars Saga

When will Avatars Saga come out?

There’s been no official announcement for the Avatars Saga’s release date yet, although it’s open for pre-registration for now. We guess it will be out soon in the next few weeks.

Is it free?

It was free to play when it was released in Asia. We think it will continue to do so after this pre-registration.

What are the system requirements to play it?

You need to have:

  • Android 5.0 or later or iOS 11.0 or later
  • At least 1GB of available space.

Don’t miss out on this Avatars Saga pre-registration as you’ll have a chance to get exclusive skins and characters. This game could be one of the best mobile games in 2023. So we will have more news on it, stay tuned!

  • Loading Speed80
  • Gameplay70
  • Easy-to-play70
  • Quest System85
  • Graphics90



    the good

  • Deep RPG gameplay with a rich quest system.
  • Diverse character classes, each with its own characteristics.
  • Multiple modes and events.

    the bad

  • Not too special for longtime RPG gamers.
  • High-end graphics make it difficult to be compatible with some mobile devices.

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