The influence of the Payday and Grand Theft Auto series became the inspiration for many new games. Now we want to talk about Crime Boss Rockay City, the crime game of 2023. It attracts the community’s attention thanks to its cast of Hollywood stars. However, it received much negative feedback about the storytelling, gameplay, and more. So join us in our detailed Crime Boss Rockay City review to see if it’s worth playing!

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What is Crime Boss Rockay City?

This is a role-playing game with a crime theme combined with a first-person shooter (FPS). Released on March 28, 2023, by 505 Games, Crime Boss Rockay City is among the newest games in its field this year.

Currently, 74% of Google users love this video game (at the time of writing). But this number does not true to what gamers say about it. Many reviews indicate that this game has many bad points, despite it bringing in a Hollywood star cast – something that has yet to happen before in the game industry.

However, whether this game is worth playing or not depends on your point of view. You should check out our review below to better understand it.

It is a notable crime game in March 2023!

What platforms is Crime Boss Rockay City on?

On March 28, 2023, the game was launched on the PC platform through the Epic Games Store. It is known that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions are expected to be released later this year.

Crime Boss Rockay City (basic version) costs about $33,39 on the Epic Games Store.

Crime Boss Rockay City Review: Story, Gameplay, Cast, and More

There is much to be said about this game, both positive and negative. Let’s review its key aspects: story to gameplay, cast, graphics, and more.


A hidden battle rages on in the metropolis of Rocky City, where sandy shores meet towering skyscrapers. The death of the former crime lord has left a power vacuum, and contenders vie for the title of the city’s new underworld king.

Enter Travis Baker, a determined individual with ambitions of claiming the crown of Rocky City. Players will assume their roles, assembling a skilled crew to undertake daring missions. Success will yield rewards of money, territory, and, ultimately, the coveted throne.

A familiar crime story but never out of date

Are you familiar with this story? It’s no different from the episodes you’ve seen in the GTA or Payday series. But we can accept this because nothing is better than a crime-themed game. You play as a guy with big ambitions, then plunge into illegal missions to fill his coffers and position. It’s simple but logical.

Crime Boss Rockay City Gameplay

As you might guess, Crime Boss Rockay City is an FPS game. Its missions vary by stage and mode. They’re illegal activities for someone who wants to be a tycoon at all costs. You’ll rob banks, hunt down other gangs (while protecting yours), smuggle, take over areas, and more.

Your progress will be hindered by other criminal gangs (they are AI). They can use guns professionally and act stealthily, which makes them unstoppable. Another opponent that is also very interesting is the righteous Sheriff Norris (Chuck Norris). He will sarcastically tell you “Try again” every time you fail and die.

FPS gameplay with a dense mission system

So is there anything worth mentioning about Crime Boss Rockay City gameplay?

On the plus side, the FPS gameplay and exciting missions make it look like a crime game. The mission system is also relatively rich and logically arranged according to the storyline. This makes your experience seamless and shows the evolution of the game’s characters.

However, there are a lot of negative comments from gamers when they think there are quite a few bugs. For example:

Stealth system

The game’s stealth system is inconsistent, sometimes allowing players to wander unnoticed while other times leading to detection despite utmost caution. Gunplay is enjoyable, but the erratic collision detection feature results in unpredictable enemy reactions to hits, often feeling like a bug.

Stealth system glitch sometimes makes gamers bored

Collision detection

Territory-based missions are less engaging than heists, with the main challenge being accumulating funds from robberies to recruit allies. However, these missions are plagued by glitches like invisible foes and non-existent AI.

Roguelite element

In an unusual twist, the game incorporates roguelite elements; upon death, players lose everything except their boss rating, which determines recruitable allies and purchasable weapons. This ensures gradual progress but also randomness with each restart. Though not entirely original, this aspect lends the game a relatively unique feel within its genre.

The roguelite feature sometimes makes you mad to start over

Crime Boss Rockay City cast

Set in a ’90s-inspired Rockay City, players will encounter familiar faces such as the charismatic Travis Baker (Michael Madsen), his expert team (Michael Rooker, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, and Damion Poitier), rival gang bosses (Danny Trejo) and Vanilla Ice), and the virtuous Sheriff Norris (Chuck Norris). The connections you make are crucial in this game.

However, the celebrity cast is both the game’s strength and weakness. Instead of evoking nostalgia for classic B-movies, the game’s dialogue feels deliberately cheesy and hollow. Rooker’s Captain Touchdown and Madsen’s Travis Baker are particularly guilty, with cringe-worthy lines directed at rival gangs.

Great cast but is not properly invested with crude lines

The game’s writing often veers into problematic territory, using outdated and insensitive language to describe the Khan crime syndicate and its members. This aspect resembles the worst elements of ’90s action movies rather than paying homage to the era’s more enjoyable aspects.


Like many other games, Crime Boss Rockay City has two modes:

  • Single mode: You will jump into the thrilling heist and chase missions with gangs (AI). The quest system will be generated automatically, and your job is to complete it at any cost to become the new tycoon in the city.
  • Co-op mode: You can play with up to 3 other people. This experience is definitely more enjoyable for many people.
Crime Boss Rockay City has single and multiplayer modes!

How to download Crime Boss Rockay City

Despite some bugs and lousiness, this game can be the choice for you to ease your nostalgia for Payday. With stable graphics quality and vibrant FPS gameplay, it will make easy-going gamers satisfied. Here are the instructions to download it:

Step 1: Go to Epic Games Store and select “Buy Now.” Remember to check its price first, as it is a paid game.


Step 2: Ensure you are signed in to your Epic Games Store account.

Step 3: Choose a payment method by credit card or PayPal, then check and confirm payment.


Step 4: You already have Crime Boss Rockay City to download to your PC.

FAQs about Crime Boss Rockay City

Is Crime Boss Rockay City open world?

According to 505 Games, it is not an open world. Instead, it features level-based environments, each representing a distinct location or section within various city districts such as the beach, downtown, industrial area, and port. Players access these levels through the city map, and the levels remain unconnected.

Is Crime Boss Rockay City free?

No. As mentioned, it sold for around $33,39 on the Epic Games Store in April 2023. Its price is subject to change.

Is Crime Boss Rockay City available for PlayStation 5?

505 Games promises its PlayStation version, which will be out in late 2023. We hope it won’t be late.

So, above is our full Crime Boss Rockay City review. This game has excellent points, making it like a crime game like Payday or GTA. However, the bad issues in the dialogue and bugs covered the good ones. The publisher may need to do more to improve this product of theirs or show their proper efforts in the next ones.

  • Gameplay70
  • Story75
  • Cast85
  • Voice and Dialogue60



    the good

  • Unique setting with Rockay City's '90s-inspired atmosphere
  • Features well-known Hollywood stars in key roles
  • Roguelite features add a unique twist to the genre.

    the bad

  • Unreliable stealth mechanics
  • Numerous issues, such as erratic collision detection and AI problems.
  • Cheesy dialogue and insensitive language

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