Dead Island 2 has resurrected from the dead following its introduction at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022. It is now set to launch for platforms on April 21, 2023. Before having it on your device, let’s take a look at the most detailed Dead Island 2 reviews with us.

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Dead Island 2 reviews in detail and guides to pre-order it

About Dead Island 2

As you probably already know, Dead Island 2 is the sequel to Dead Island (2011) and the third installment in this zombie RPG-action series. It was first introduced in 2014 but so far, it has an official release date. Perhaps you wonder what happened to Dead Island 2.

After the delay, fans still showed their enthusiasm for this “pet”. Unsurprisingly, Dead Island 2 is truly excellent, in our eyes.

Dead Island 2 promises to follow the success of Dead Island (2011)

It is more exciting than the first part, although the gameplay and story are still the same. The best thing about it is the weapon system, which is more diverse, and the quality of the graphics, which is more elaborate.

Does this get you excited about this game? We will talk about it more shortly.

Dead Island 2 reviews: Gameplay, characters, weapons, and graphics

If you are approaching Dead Island 2 for the first time, you will probably be impressed with everything about it, including gameplay, characters, weapons, and image quality. You should watch its gameplay video below to get an overview first.

Dead Island 2 gameplay

Like the first part, Dead Island 2 continues the story of survival in the apocalypse after an epidemic spread and turned everyone into zombies. But this time, its open world takes place in Los Angeles and San Francisco, two major cities in the US. It covers many different areas from big and famous places to small and narrow streets.

Dead Island 2 is an RPG game set in a post-apocalyptic setting

A few months after the events of Dead Island, the US government placed a completely restricted quarantine area for Los Angeles. As a person in this city, you are forced to fight on your own while the US army can do nothing more. Even most of the armed forces and self-defense forces turned into zombies.

Yes, you will be your hero. Action RPG games like Dead Island 2 always make you that way. But compared to many other games, Dead Island 2 is probably more frenetic. It offers tough challenges with smarter and stronger zombies. What can save you is your natural ability to survive.

Dead Island 2 playable characters

There is not too much information about the playable characters in Dead Island 2. But for sure, there will be 6 characters to choose from when you start playing. You will choose one of them, then journey through the apocalyptic city. They are not scared people, on the contrary, they seem to be enjoying this battle for survival in their way.

Each character will have their skills, giving you a reason to choose him or her. The game also integrates skill cards to enhance the character’s strength. Moreover, you can combine cards to create a fighting style as you like.

Discover 6 playable characters and upgrade cards

The beauty of the characters is not talked about too much. During most of the experience, gamers will control the character in the first-person perspective, which gives the most realistic feeling. But you can hear the voice of the character you play and feel their personality easily. In some scenes, when the character falls, part of their body is visible.

Dead Island 2 weapons

Compared to its predecessor, Dead Island 2 does better in the weapon system. In its revealed gameplay trailer, you’ll see more than 10 weapons introduced. We divide them into 2 main categories based on their attack range:

Melee Weapons

It was a surprise with the melee weapon system we found in the game. It includes a lot of cool and useful things for your survival:

  • Dagger: A small weapon that is available at all times.
  • Small Hammer: It is suitable for finishing off a small undead that has just surprised you from somewhere.
  • Large Hammer: It is a common thing used to attack medium and large zombies.
  • Ax: One of its slashes deals a lot of damage to zombies.
  • Sword: It can be long and pointed or can catch fire and burn zombies.
  • Claws: A sharp weapon with electricity.
  • Shotgun: Always a familiar weapon in every survival game like Dead Island 2.
Dead Island 2 brings a series of melee weapons with unique skills

Ranged Weapons

  • Sniper gun: Unlike a shotgun, it has a longer barrel and a scope. Although the rate of fire is low, it deals more damage to enemies and especially, it can reach enemies far away.
  • Grenades: It’s a favorite weapon to end a horde of zombies.
  • Gas canister: It’s not considered a ranged weapon, but it’s not a melee weapon either. It’s like some sort of decoy that can generate an electric shock when you throw it at a zombie.
Ranged weapons also give you more fighting styles

As you know, each weapon has its pros and cons. Learning how to use weapons is something every survivalist needs to do. You should probably carry a dagger at all times as soon as you start playing Dead Island 2. But you need more to craft more powerful and modern weapons if you want to survive longer.

Dead Island 2 reviews about graphics quality

In a short Dead Island 2 review, we can’t cover everything about the game. But there is one thing that we do not forget to mention, and that is its graphics. Graphics quality is made better than the first part, even more than most other survival games on PS5, PS4, Windows, and Xbox.

This game offers a deadly but beautiful open world. The contrast between the modern city scene and the hideous zombies creates an interesting feeling. Have you ever thought of walking into a mall in Los Angeles and seeing a tall, bloody zombie?

Dead Island 2 has the best graphics for a survival game

Another factor that should also be appreciated, is the zombie image. The zombie system is diverse and flexible, making the survival experience here great. Zombies in the form of women, men, doctors, soldiers, artists, … will make you excited. It seems to be no overlap in the zombies you encounter on your journey.

Dead Island 2 system requirements

If you want to play Dead Island 2, check the system requirements first.

System Requirements (Minimum) Recommended Requirements
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-4370 / AMD FX-6350
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 / AMD Radeon HD 6850
  • OS: Windows 10 64-Bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-6850K / AMD Ryzen R7 2700X Processor
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 6GB / AMD Radeon R9 390
  • OS: Windows 10 64-Bit

How to pre-order Dead Island 2

If you meet the above system requirements, pre-order Dead Island 2 and wait until the day to enjoy it. The instructions below will show you how to pre-order the game:

Step 1: Go to the official Dead Island 2 website or click the “DOWNLOAD” button on this page.


Step 2: Click the “pre-order” icon.


Step 3: Select the platform you want to download and play Dead Island 2 on, then select the version.


Step 4: Select the edition you want and select Retailer.


Step 5: Click “pre-purchase” or “add to cart” (if you want to buy the game later).


Step 6: Select a payment method > confirm your order > pay > complete.


Frequently asked questions about Dead Island 2

Is Dead Island 2 multiplayer?

Back in 2014, it was confirmed that Dead Island had a multiplayer mode. However, the game’s demo released on December 6, 2023, made no mention of this feature.

But this game will feature 6 playable characters, so it wouldn’t be surprising if it didn’t have a multiplayer mode. Dead Island has a multiplayer mode and we hope this also happens in this second installment.

Is Dead Island 2 co-op?

It is not certain that the Dead Island 2 co-op is available. But we believe the game will not miss the opportunity to bring players together through the co-op feature. In the previous installment, Dead Island had a co-op mode with up to 3 players. We can expect more from this game.

Is Dead Island 2 free?

No. Dead Island 2 is a paid game released on PlayStation, Epic Games Store, and Xbox. It costs around $70 on Xbox and PlayStation Store (for the standard version) now. You can check the price and pre-order the game by clicking the “DOWNLOAD” link on this page.

In short, Dead Island 2 promises to be a great choice for you. Although it hasn’t been released yet, fans are talking about it a lot. This game is well made in many respects and is available for pre-order across platforms. Click “DOWNLOAD” and follow the instructions to pre-order the game now!

  • Gameplay85
  • Control85
  • Weapon90
  • Graphics90
  • Sound85



    the good

  • The fierce and realistic battle for survival against zombies.
  • Diverse weapons, rich crafting system.
  • Premium image quality.

    the bad

  • Disgusting zombies can be upsetting.
  • The delay in development disappointed fans.
  • The gameplay is the same as its predecessor.

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