Return to the legendary land of Middle-earth in LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth, the latest game from publisher Electronic Arts. The game is based on the iconic Lord of The Rings series, which draws fans to the experience. But is LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth out yet, and what’s so special about it? Join us in the most detailed review of this game.

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What’s the LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth release date?

LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth is currently available on Google Play and App Store, meaning it’s only for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, it’s only available in certain regions:

  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • Spain

It may be available in more regions in the future, but we need to know what its plans are. If you are not in the above areas, you can change the country/region ID to download and play the game on your iPhone. Don’t worry; we have detailed instructions on downloading LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth for you in the following section.

LoTR: Heroes Of Middle-Earth is now available in certain regions

LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth trailer and gameplay video

We’ve compiled many videos about LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth, including its trailer and gameplay videos. You can check them out now!

Review LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth in detail

You already have dozens of games based on the Lord Of The Rings (LoTR) series, such as The Hobbit, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Shadow of War and more. But LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth is a breath of fresh air that can be played on phones.


Based on the literary work of J.R.R. Tolkien, this game follows the journey of characters who are curious about the power of the Ring. This Ring was discovered in Middle-earth and could rewrite history.

The value of the Ring is attracting the army of Goblins and their messengers to Middle-earth. Their goal is to get the Ring to serve their evil plot. Possessing the Ring, they can revive an ancient force, thereby helping them rule the world.

Join the journey to protect the Ring and Middle-earth

As the ring-keeper, you must gather the heroes of the four directions to protect the Ring and the peace of the land of Middle-earth. Is this reason convincing enough for your itinerary? It’s exactly like what you’ve read or seen in LoTR.


At its core, LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth is a role-playing strategy game. It brings you battles where you lead a group of heroes to fight the goblins. The battles will take place in a turn-based mechanism with a slow pace. This can be boring for some gamers, including us.

Before entering the battle, you must recruit some hero cards and gather them into a team (about 4-6 members). Once the battle begins, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Select the target to attack by clicking on it.
  2. Watch one of your heroes attack an enemy and return to where they were.
  3. Suggest a hero for the next attack.
  4. Waiting for an attack from a specific enemy.
  5. Keep going for the next turns!
Slow turn-based battles in LoTR: Heroes Of Middle-Earth

The experience may be monotonous and similar to many other turn-based RPG games. Most mobile games limit the fighting style to this sequence.

But remember that LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth requires tactical calculation. You have to know which hero to recruit, who to recommend to go to battle first, which target to choose first, how to rotate heroes, how to upgrade them, etc. These things make your mind busy, making the game more attractive than you think!


If its gameplay doesn’t impress you, the character system might. It includes dozens of character cards, which are redesigned based on the original LoTR. At the same time, it features new faces and factions never seen before in Middle-earth.

Its character system is divided into classes, including elves, wizards, hunters, Hobbits, and more. Each class will have character cards with distinct looks and skills. Their difference allows you to create a squad in many playstyles.

Meet and gather iconic characters in Heroes Of Middle-Earth

Every character needs to be upgraded to reach their full potential. You can support their growth by taking them into battle to accumulate EXP. In addition, you need to buy equipment such as skins, armor, weapons, modifiers, skill cards, etc. Your wisdom determines the strength of each character in LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth.


You’ll find the most popular game modes in the game, including PvE, PvP, and Guild.

In PvE mode, the missions are arranged by level progression. Gamers start with the easiest task in level 1 in chapter 1, then explore more after completing it. Thereby, they can follow a journey for the true Keeper of the Ring, as in the original literary work.

In PvP mode, bigger battles will be held. Gamers can compete against each other in turn-based battles where there is great competition. The winners’ rewards include bonuses, EXP, item cards and ranking points.

PvE, PvP, and Guild modes will be available to play

Finally, Guild mode is a place to co-op with friends and like-minded people. A clan can have many members and compete with other guilds. LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth features massive guild quests that offer huge rewards.


There’s nothing special about the graphics aspect of the game. It has yet to be a breakthrough in visual design or character description. We even see copying from other games of the same genre.

But, everything is fine with 3D graphics, realistic colors, and nice skill effects. The characters are also carefully built from appearance to skin, skills and dialogue. The legendary land of Middle-earth also comes to life through the battlefield scene.

The graphics are good enough but not too special

How to download LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth

After looking at LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth in detail, you’re looking for a way to get it. But first, check the following system requirements.

System requirements


  • Processor – Quad Core 1.5GH or higher
  • At least 2GB Ram
  • Android 5.0 or later
  • OpenGL ES – 3.0 or higher
  • Screen density: HPDI or higher


  • iPhone 6S or later
  • OS version: 13.0 or later

Download LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth APK for Android

As mentioned, the game is currently only available in select countries and will take some time to launch globally. But now you can download and play it on Android via the APK version.

Step 1: Go to LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth APK > click “Download APK” button.

Download the APK version of LoTR: Heroes Of Middle-Earth

Step 2: Choose a version to download, preferably APK > Once the download is complete, click on the APK file and select “install”.


Step 3: After the installation is finished, select “open” the file to start the game and enjoy it.

Download LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth iOS for free

On the App Stores of certain regions, LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth is available for download on iOS. You can “change country/region” if you are not in these regions.

To “change country/region”:

Go to App Store > click on personal account icon > click on your email > select “Change country/region”> select “Philippines”> enter the required information (make sure zip code is correct) > “next” and complete.


You can then search for “LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth” on the App Store and download it as usual.


FAQ about LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth

Is LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth completely free?

No. The game is free to download for Android and iOS phones but may contain in-app purchases.

When is LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth available to play?

It has just been released in a few regions, including Brazil, Mexico, Philippines and Spain. It is slated for a global launch in 2023, and you can expect this to happen soon.

Is LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth multiplayer?

Yes. It has PvP and Guild modes, where you can socialise and make friends with many other gamers.

Are you ready to join the journey to keep the Ring? LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth is a great game for mobile gamers. It has a story based on Lord of The Rings, a rich character system, good graphics and many modes. Although it may be boring to some gamers, it can suit you. Download the game according to our guide above and check it out yourself!

  • Story85
  • Gameplay70
  • Character85
  • Graphics85
  • Modes85



    the good

  • Fascinating story based on Lord of The Rings.
  • High-quality 3D graphics and rich character images.
  • Multiple modes to play, including PvE, PvP and Guild.

    the bad

  • Familiar and simple turn-based RPG gameplay.
  • Only available on Android and iOS in select regions.

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