Worms W.M.D: Mobilize is officially available on Google Play and App Store to play on mobile. This is good news for those who want to see the fun worms in the original Steam version. So what is different about this mobile version? It keeps the gameplay and visuals from the original but with fewer missions. So, although there are fewer challenges, you still enjoy the super funny tactical shooter gameplay with the popular worms. Discover more about it now!

What’s Worms W.M.D: Mobilize?

It is a turn-based action game released by Team 17 on April 11, 2023. This mobile version of the original game (Worms W.M.D) has been available on Steam since 2016.

This version remains the same turn-based shooter gameplay, worm visuals, the base story, and weapon system. Of course, it has customization and improvements in a few aspects, but the changes are small, taking a short time to approach from the ground up. Moreover, playing a mobile game has always been easy.

The shortened version of Worms W.M.D officially launched!

Worms W.M.D: Mobilize review: Outstanding features

Accessible story

Worms WMD Mobilize is a turn-based action strategy game in which teams of worms battle across randomly generated destructible landscapes.

Each team takes turns attacking and defeating the opposing team’s worm with weapons, vehicles, and crazy landscape objects. Worms die when their health is zero or drown in the water. The winning team is the last team left with worms!

The content in Worms WMD Mobilize has been tweaked, trimmed, and reworked to give players the best mobile Worms experience.

War of the hit worms from Worms W.M.D


Worms W.M.D: Mobilize has 3 modes, single, multiplayer, and team. In single mode, you have Training missions and Campaign Missions, while Multiplayer has local and online modes. Finally, the Team mode is where you can build a deep team to join the matches.


Training: With 10 missions available in Worms W.M.D: Mobilize, players can sharpen their skills, set record times, and compete for top spots on leaderboards.

Campaign: 20 diverse missions challenge players in various styles.

  • Deathmatch – Eliminate all enemy worms to win.
  • Vital Crate – Collect a specific crate to complete the mission.
  • Vital Worm – Defeat or protect a designated worm.
Single mode with campaign and training missions

Multiplayer mode

  • Local Multiplayer: Play offline with up to four players, including a mix of humans and AI.
  • Online Multiplayer: Search for friends or join a Quick Match.
Mission options in multiplayer mode

Team Mode

Worms W.M.D: Mobilize offers a customizable team experience, allowing players to modify the number of worms in a team, their appearance, and the total number of teams.

To create or edit a team, access the Customize menu and use the “+” icon to add a new team or rename an existing one using the [A] button. Choose a team from the drop-down list and personalize worm names, appearances, and sounds. Each team’s energy bars are displayed in the top-left corner of the screen, disappearing when a team’s energy is fully depleted.

Join the team mode to play with your friends’ worms!

Control mechanism

Worms navigate landscapes with left and right arrow keys, while jumps and vertical flips (double-tapping the ↗️ key) help traverse complex terrains. The game camera tracks worm movements and actions, but players can manually control the camera by touching and dragging the screen. Pinching and zooming in or out with two fingers allows for a closer look or a broader view of the landscape.

In particular, Worms W.M.D: Mobilize allows gamers to set the position of control buttons in the Controls editing menu.

Customize and gain access to a simple control system

Various weapon systems

Worms W.M.D: Mobilize boasts 50 weapons from the original Worms W.M.D, rearranged in a dynamic panel for easy viewing and a mobile-friendly user interface. Some common weapons in the game include:

  • Melee Weapon: Stand as close as possible next to the worm you want to attack and shoot.
  • Ammo Weapons
  • Attack Weapons
  • Gun weapons: Uzi guns, Shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, flamethrowers, …
Discover more than 50 weapons, both old and new

Types of vehicles

Worms W.M.D: Mobilize features four distinct vehicle types: Tanks, Helicopters, Motor Vehicles, and Drill Boats, each offering unique gameplay advantages.

Tank: Controlled with left and right arrows for movement, up and down arrows for aiming, and the “shoot” button for firing. Players can change targets or cancel attacks as needed.

Helicopter: Fly and shoot under player control and automatically land on the ground when a turn ends.

Motor Vehicles: These peculiar yet powerful machines can traverse walls and create tremors, offering strategic movement and attack options.

Drill Boat: Ideal for burrowing through hills and navigating underground terrain.

List of vehicle types included in Worms W.M.D: Mobilize

Environment and buildings

The exciting point of Worms W.M.D: Mobilize is the environmental change through the missions. You may find them relatively similar, but there has certainly been a change in obstacles, terrain, etc. This makes you change your tactical perspective to conquer the battle in the new environment.

Players can enter and hide inside buildings for tactical advantage. Upon entering a building, the exterior disappears, revealing the interior. Hidden from rival worms’ view, players remain concealed unless an enemy worm enters the same building. Buildings can be destroyed like landscape elements, exposing any worms inside the damaged area to their opponents.

Hide inside buildings to defend or prepare to raid

2D design, funny character images

The slightly classic 2D style is taken back from Worms W.M.D, familiarizing those who have played it on Steam. And again, this style fits perfectly into the classic turn-based shooter gameplay. The environment is also very detailed and diverse, which makes the game only possess 2D graphics but has a capacity of nearly 1GB.

Besides, familiar worm characters return with a hand-drawn 2D interface. Buildings, weapons, and vehicles feature contributions of old and new images. All of the above and the shooting, explosion, and impact effects are great. We appreciate Team 17’s investment in their game.

Enjoy the funny and classic 2D style

How to download Worms W.M.D: Mobilize

You can now download and install Worms W.M.D: Mobilize from Google Play and the App Store. Open the app store on your Android or iOS device, search for the game, click “Install,” pay and enjoy it.


Is Worms W.M.D: Mobilize free?

No. The game is currently priced at $5.99 on the App Store and Google Play.

Can you craft weapons in Worms W.M.D: Mobilize?

No. Weapon crafting is not available in this game. You can only use more than 50 available weapons.

Can you chat in Worms W.M.D: Mobilize?

No. Although it has a multiplayer mode, there is no chat feature.

How to invite friends to a match in multiplayer mode?

To invite your friends to the match, you can send an invitation via Facebook or WhatsApp.

In short, Worms W.M.D: Mobilize is a great mobile game. The original version on Steam is better because of the less mission system and limited controllability. However, this shortening makes it perfectly compatible with mobile devices. Moreover, it has added new weapons and challenges for you to discover. Invite 1 more friend and conquer all levels of turn-based shooting here!

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  • Story70
  • Gameplay85
  • Easy-to-control85
  • Weapon & Vehicle80
  • Graphics & Sound80



    the good

  • Engaging turn-based action strategy gameplay.
  • Various game modes for single and multiplayer entertainment.
  • Dynamic panel for easy weapon access and mobile-friendly interface.

    the bad

  • No chat and call feature.
  • Limited online multiplayer capacity (up to 4 players)
  • A paid game.

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