Roguelike has enjoyed its aura recently, but it isn’t a good way to go. Originally, EVERSPACE was just a roguelike plane fighting game with a space setting. But to refresh itself, EVERSPACE 2 turned to the role-playing genre. Does this really work? If you’ve played EVERSPACE before, do you need much time to adapt to this new gameplay? Check out our detailed EVERSPACE 2 beginners guide to learning all about it!

EVERSPACE 2 full version is available!

According to the latest announcement on the official Twitter of EVERSPACE 2, the full version was officially available on PC on April 6, 2023. This results after 5 years of development and more than 2 years of early access.

This full version is for PC only, however. If you’re expecting it on Xbox Series X|S or PS5, you’ll need to wait until the end of this summer.

EVERSPACE 2 beginners guide: Everything you should know

Having the opportunity to discover more about space is always exciting. You see this in the hit games of 2023, such as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, making it mainstream for the next few years. So, EVERSPACE 2’s use of elements of the space genre refreshes itself. Giving up the roguelike element makes the game more creative and free, offering immersive space wars in the larger universe.

Now it’s time to explore EVERSPACE 2 review in its gameplay, story, and everything!

EVERSPACE 2 story: Connected to the space war

In this game, gamers transform into clones and work in the army in outer space. Your mission is to destroy pirates and many other alien creatures – it’s a simple story. Even though you will play a fixed character, there isn’t a detailed introduction about him. It’s a shame to play a character without being able to picture his appearance.

Adventure story fighting in mysterious and vast space

You should also note that you cannot leave the ship during the experience. That is, the Clone and the ship are virtually one. This is disappointing for players, especially those who like RPG style. We’ve always wished to leave the ship to explore planets, walk around the bases, and communicate with the AI as usual.

EVERSPACE 2 gameplay

Role-play and shoot spaceships

EVERSPACE 2 has a single-player mode built on a combination of plane shooting and RPG. It doesn’t have a co-op mode or a shared universe, instead featuring story-based quests. You will jump into an area, explore the ruins, fight enemies, complete the objective, and return, then prepare for the new journey.

Play as a Clone and complete spaceship-shooting missions

Although quite monotonous, each task contains exciting things. Gamers will spend a lot of time-solving puzzles, from restarting machines and finding items to repairing ships and upgrading bases. Completing a task is relatively long, with dense small puzzles. Moreover, the game has various challenges on the map to unlock and explore.

Control your ship

The ship in EVERSPACE 2 has an arc shape, can fly up and down, and fight like a real machine. It allows you to fight enemies quickly without struggling with the controls. The group of controls is divided into 2 sections and displayed on the left and right sides. Each icon in the group allows you to control the ship, be it speeding, ascending, descending, shooting, aiming, …

An intuitive and in-depth control system in EVERSPACE 2

Fortunately, the game has an aiming assist mechanism, making it difficult for you to miss. But in some scenes, it switches control mode to first person. This interferes with the cockpit when you try to pick up items with the onboard grabber.

Upgrade the ship’s ability

EVERSPACE 2 offers a space full of loot. You can pick up an item from a chest whenever you shoot down a pirate. You may also be lucky enough to pick up random item crates in space, perhaps the remains of exploding ships. Items from chests act as trade-in goods, allowing you to exchange them for a new gun or reloaded rocket.

In addition, you can buy new ships (at the shipping agent) with lots of credits, depending on the type of vessel purchased. To upgrade the ship, what is needed includes guns, secondary weapons, special abilities, armor, shields, etc.

Accumulate credits to unlock the above items and turn your ship into a monster! Remember, you can only open your favorite item once you reach the required XP.

Ship upgrades are seemingly unlimited!

Graphic design and sound

We are impressed with the spatial environment that EVERSPACE 2 has built. After a long period of early access, its full version now looks sleek and flashy, which amazes most gamers.

When entering space, before your eyes is an attractive 3-D space with floating debris, rocks, trails left by aircraft, and dust clouds floating in the air;… Interspersed between that magical beauty is the image of modern warships. The sound of their engines and gunfire ripped through the terrifying silence of the universe. For us, the best feeling is in battle, where you can enjoy flower explosions and full blooms.

Enjoy epic explosions and a beautiful universe

How to download EVERSPACE 2

With the official full version for PC, EVERSPACE 2 is now available on Steam at different prices depending on the country and region it’s available. According to our research, here is its price:

  • Lowest price: $15.99
  • Highest price: $44.99

Here are the system requirements for you to download and play the game on your PC:




  64-bit processor and operating system 64-bit processor and operating system


Windows 10 64-bit Windows 10 64-bit


Intel Core [email protected] or AMD FX [email protected] Intel Core [email protected] or Ryzen 5 [email protected]




Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 (4 GB) or AMD Radeon RX 6400 (4GB) Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 (8 GB) or AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT (8GB)


Version 11 Version 12


35 GB available space 35 GB available space





Is EVERSPACE 2 available to play yet?

Yes. Its full version is available on Steam for Windows to download and play from now on.

EVERSPACE 2 has new gameplay, right?

Yes. It removed the roguelike element and replaced it with an RPG style with modern 3D graphics. Much of the universe’s context and style of shooting planes remains the same. But with better graphics, EVERSPACE 2’s experience is much better.

How to buy EVERSPACE 2 for free?

It is only possible to buy games for free if you use unofficial special editions. You should keep an eye on Steam and order the game as soon as there is a sale, especially during the early stages of the release date.

In short, through EVERSPACE 2 beginners guide, we feel it’s a great game for gamers who love exploring space and shooting planes. It offers a complex battleship maneuvering experience, creating the tension needed to keep your excitement going. Moreover, everything from graphics and sounds to the environment has been redesigned, and of course, they are better. But its story is sometimes empty. What do you think about this?

  • Story70
  • Gameplay85
  • Easy-to-control70
  • Graphics85
  • Character Description70



    the good

  • Breakthrough RPG gameplay compared to EVERSPACE (a roguelike game).
  • The control system has depth and detail.
  • Beautiful space environment.
  • Eye-catching explosion effects.

    the bad

  • The story lacks detail and depth.
  • There is no clear character introduction.
  • The character cannot leave the spaceship.
  • Only single mode.

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