The ocean’s mysteries have always attracted human curiosity, even in a game. It’s Dredge. This game was praised by critics with phrases such as “relaxing horror experience,” “worth fishing experience,” “a thrilling game,” etc. Overall, it is all about a journey of fishing and exploring the mysterious ocean. Follow a brave fisherman and find the answer to the game’s ending after reading our Dredge game review below!

What’s Dredge game release date and platforms?

Developed by Black Salt Games and published by Team17, Dredge is a critically acclaimed little horror fishing game. It was released on March 30, 2023, for the following platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

The game is available across platforms to play now!

Dredge game review: A gentle yet terrifying fishing experience


In the Dredge video game, you play as a fisherman who works in the coastal town of Greater Marrow, located on a remote island. You are given a boat (by the mayor) that will take you to the ocean to bring back fish and get money to build local businesses.

In the first stage, the game will give you basic instructions. You will fish, deliver, and repeat those 2 jobs every day. However, when completing the first few days, you may notice strange phenomena that appear at night. There are unexpected rocks, ghost ships, sea monsters, and more. They await you on every ocean cruise, leaving you creepy and curious.

Become a fisherman fishing on small remote islands

Easy-to-access control mechanism

Dredge has simple controls with very few on-screen buttons. First, you must move the boat to an area favorable for fishing. Next, press “F” to start fishing, and click when the arrow hits the green area to drop the bait, drag and collect fish.

How to fish is simple and easy to learn

Repeat the process above until your boat is full for a big payday. After fishing, you will go to the port and sell the fish to merchants for money, which can be used to upgrade the boat and buy new equipment such as headlights, bait, better fishing rods, and many more. At the port, gamers can also receive side quests for extra rewards.

Meet the characters in the story

The Dredge game’s casual fishing experience and storyline make it so interesting. Its story will be told through pieces of paper picked up in bottles. Those are the lines of messages told by J.J., who came to the island with her husband, an important NPC.

Meet important characters with their own stories

Besides, you can meet the Collector, a man who lives in a mansion on the island and takes quests from him. He’s tasked you with collecting some ancient relics scattered across the mysterious islands. He also gave the fisherman supernatural power to use on his expeditions. After obtaining the relics, you can give them to the Collector or keep them with you. Each choice will lead to a unique ending to Dredge’s story.

As such, each character in the game has a vital role in shaping and leading the story. You learn what the characters say through their on-screen dialogue and signature voiceovers. But that’s just the surface. Each NPC has its own story and secrets. Analyze their messages to uncover any truths that are deliberately hidden.

Mysterious creatures at sea

In Dredge game, punctuality is vital as Panic becomes a significant factor. As darkness descends, creatures lurking at the edge of your sanity emerge, and the dim cabin lights offer little protection. Panic intensifies with each passing moment at sea, jeopardizing your livelihood as menacing seagulls attempt to steal your fish, infections infest your catch, and mysterious rocks loom in the misty darkness.

Fight monsters from the ocean in the Dredge video game

Explore unknown places

Dredge offers a variety of locations to explore and activities to engage in. While it may appear simple and uninteresting at first glance, the game conceals a gripping experience that captivates players and keeps them immersed for hours.

With a small engine, distant islands needn’t be your concern—focus on catching minnows in the shallows. However, as Dredge advances, you’ll be pushed further from your comfort zone by the need for new engine upgrades or the pursuit of rare fish to earn extra cash. You’ll venture to uncharted lands, racing against the rising sun to find a safe harbor before nightfall.

Adventure through mysterious small islands

Beautiful cartoon design

We were impressed with the game’s design based on 3D graphics and cartoon style. It offers a vast and vast ocean with beautiful small islands, although it looks scary at night. The image of the boat, characters, and equipment is also very detailed. The cartoon style makes them incredibly relatable.

Soft music

Critics praised the Dredge game’s sound. It’s a gentle and relaxing piano melody that will clear your mind. Contrasted with that gentleness is the terrifying stillness of the ocean. This contrast creates an exciting experience, making you feel like you are “enjoying” a creepy adventure.

The music and design promise to leave you in awe!

How to download Dredge video game

You can download the game for platforms here:

The price of the game is different depending on the country and time. Here are our stats (updated April 13, 2023):

  • Lowest Price: 14.99 US$
  • Highest Price: 24.99 US$

Drawing inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft’s works, Dredge subtly incorporated horror elements. The game masterfully builds tension and instills a sense of urgency through slow-building fear, compelling players to complete tasks as if the world’s end were imminent. Boasting solid gameplay and optimal micromanagement, Dredge feels like an actual fishing game while maintaining player interest with an enthralling story.

For those who enjoy fishing, cosmic horror, and everything in between, Dredge game promises a captivating and immersive gaming experience. If not, try other games like EVERSPACE 2 and STAR WARS JEDI: SURVIVOR.

  • Story80
  • Gameplay85
  • Easy-to-control80
  • Graphics85
  • Sound80



    the good

  • An engaging story-driven fishing experience.
  • Simple and easy-to-master control mechanism.
  • Beautiful cartoon design.
  • Soothing and relaxing piano music.

    the bad

  • Tasks tend to be repetitive.
  • The character system is less diverse.
  • It's a paid game.

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