The popularity of FPS shooting games is making this series gradually saturated. It’s been a long time since we’ve found a game that’s truly groundbreaking enough to get us excited. But this changed when we came across Meet Your Maker, the game launched in April 2023.

It is trending globally now and attracts massive hits every day. Lots of compliments on it, how about you? Let’s go into the most detailed Meet Your Maker review, and let us know how you feel about it.

What’s Meet Your Maker release date and platforms?

Meet Your Maker was released on April 4, 2023, by Behavior Interactive (developer and publisher). It is available for the most popular platforms, including Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

It means you can now experience the game on any platform you can think of. This is the first impression!

Meet Your Maker is now available to play on all your devices

Meet Your Maker review: Story, Gameplay, Modes, and Graphics

This game is currently highly rated by critics and attracts many daily plays. So what makes it so hot? What’s been talked about a lot is its story, which is about an epic fantasy world, FPS gameplay combined with construction, and much more. Let’s analyze them more now.

Meet Your Maker story

In Meet Your Maker, you take on the role of the Guardian, humanity’s last hope in a devastated world.

Revived by the Chimera, a grotesque creature with the potential to restore human civilization, your mission is to collect Genetic Materials (GenMat) from wasteland bases to strengthen your Advisors, enabling the Chimera to evolve. The game simplifies this daunting task by breaking it into manageable segments.

Raid war to get GenMat – a unique material

Meet Your Maker gameplay

This innovative game successfully combines elements of the asymmetrical raid, base-building, Minecraft-style construction, and shooter mechanics. It is engaging, whether you’re monitoring your base’s kill count and reactivation or dedicating hours to raiding.

FPS and survival

In the fantasy story of Meet Your Maker, the player’s task is to raid the lands to get “GenMat,” a special material. The exciting thing is that where you go are outposts for other players to build.

There is always a human brain full of intelligence behind every nook and cranny you see. This makes the FPS fight more enjoyable because you need speed, skill, and strategy.

FPS raid wars against AIs and other people’s minds

But you will be able to get started easily. The missions are arranged from easy to complex, with the easy group often moving quickly and without too much danger. The difficulty levels are really challenging. This gives you a sense of progression, both in story and gameplay. The journey to the plantations is increasingly fierce. However, you still have the feeling of being able to touch the precious material inside them.

Because they are created by real players, the buildings in Meet Your Maker often change unpredictably. They include traps, passages, and strange structures based on the opponent’s imagination. Infiltrating it is like solving an architectural puzzle. But this puzzle is violent because you cannot avoid bloody encounters.

Build your construction

While you attack other people’s outposts, others also try to infiltrate your buildings. This is the next exciting thing. Each gamer will simultaneously wrestle with his hunt and think about how to build defenses. When creating it, you must ensure a viable path for others to reach the GenMat location, which is inevitable. A robot will notify you whether your outpost is accessible or not.

Build outposts your way in Meet Your Maker

Each outpost is a creative combination of passages, traps, guards, and players’ tactics. In it, the guards are AI-controlled monsters tasked with hindering intruders from their outposts. In addition, the arrangement of traps and passages depends on you. Imagine you are an architect trying to protect your precious thing!

Meet Your Maker allows each gamer to iterate on the map’s design unlimitedly. Upgrade it with new resources in each iteration, allowing them to upgrade more traps, weapons, and guards. How to upgrade? See how other players attack your outpost and find ways to improve “every hole,” then rechallenge the intruders.

Single and Co-op modes

The game has 2 modes, single and co-op. The single mode includes levels from easy to difficult, and you need to conquer them alone. In contrast, in co-op mode, you can play with 1 friend to overcome attacks together. Connecting with other players was often problematic in the beta, but the final version has improved.

Raid alone or co-op with a friend to overcome intrusions

Weapon system

Meet Your Maker provides limited yet customizable weapons and tools to help you conquer each base quickly. In most raids, you’ll eliminate adversaries and disarm traps from afar while a reliable blade tackles any close encounters.

Upgrading your advisors enables loadout adjustments, offering boosters that reveal trap or clone numbers, and allows for tool craftings, such as grenades or additional spawn items.


Initially, every base appears impregnable, but your agile Watchers can easily navigate them using the grappling hook and double jump. Base designers cleverly incorporate these abilities into their layouts, creating exciting challenges.

For instance, a distant arrow thrower catches your attention. At the same time, a hidden secondary trap activates as you attempt to retrieve your ammo. Such encounters showcase the ingenious base designs and elicit laughter and admiration.

Diverging from conventional multiplayer games, Meet Your Maker’s meta focus on strategic tips and trap placement. The anticipation of seeing how these elements are utilized, balanced, and exploited adds to the excitement of the game.

Move skillfully to avoid mischievous traps

How to download Meet Your Maker

Here are the links for you to buy and download Meet Your Maker for platforms:

  • Download Meet Your Maker for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One from
  • Download Meet Your Maker for Windows PC from Steam


  • Basic version: $29.99
  • Deluxe Edition: $39.99

In short, our Meet Your Maker review shows this is a worthwhile FPS game this April (2023). It’s more worth playing than Crime Boss Rockay City, a boring and empty crime title that just came out in March. Most gamers appreciate the raid and construction combo, something new and exciting. So download and play it now, then let us know how long it keeps you fun.

  • FPS Gameplay90
  • Modes85
  • Easy-to-play80
  • Story80
  • Graphics & Sound85



    the good

  • Innovative combination of raid, base-building, and shooting.
  • A dynamic meta centered on strategic tips and trap placements
  • Both single and co-op modes.
  • A great fantasy plot.

    the bad

  • Poor weapon system.
  • Graphics are not so special.
  • Connecting with friends sometimes goes wrong

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