Project Takt Op., which includes an anime, manga, and video game from Bandai Namco is highly anticipated. But Takt Op Destiny mobile game is one of the most interesting. It is open for pre-registration on Android and iOS, do you want to join? Refer to the instructions below to do that now.

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What’s Takt Op Destiny game release date?

Takt Op Destiny is an RPG-anime game developed by DeNA and Bandai Namco. The official release date has not been announced yet, but the game is expected to be available for both Android and iOS platforms in Spring 2023.

Its promotional video trailer has also been released. And it has officially opened the pre-registration event for Android and iOS platforms.

Here’s its trailer:

Takt Op Destiny mobile game, anime, and manga

Bandai Namco Arts and DeNA have collaborated on Takt op., a mixed media project that encompasses an anime film, manga series, and a video game.

Mobile game

Takt Op Destiny (a Japanese RPG game) is based on the original anime, but with modifications to meet mobile gaming standards. After a lengthy delay, the game is expected to be released in 2023.


MAPPA and Madhouse co-produced the anime adaptation titled takt op.Destiny, which premiered on TV Tokyo and BS TV Tokyo on October 6, 2021, with Crunchyroll streaming it outside of Asia.

Medialink has licensed the anime for release on Ani-One Asia, bilibili, and iQiyi in South and Southeast Asia.

Anime film titled takt op.Destiny (December 2021)


The anime was adapted into a manga series by author Kino and serialized in Media Factory’s Comic Alive magazine beginning on August 26, 2022.

Outstanding features of Takt Op Destiny mobile game

Takt Op Destiny has garnered significant attention, with over 200K subscribers on TapTap.io during the pre-registration event. Fans are drawn to the game’s RPG gameplay, anime-style graphics, and storyline based on the original anime movie.

The story

Takt op.Destiny game revolves around the aftermath of a black meteorite crash that spawned monsters known as “D2”, who target music and destroy all living beings.

Symphonica, an organization founded on the power of the Harmonica crystal, is the only hope for defeating these monsters. The player, as a Conductor, will train the Musicart, a group of girls with the power of music, to destroy the monsters and bring peace to the world.

Discover a fantasy story revolving around music in Takt op.Destiny

Role-playing style with melodies

As such, you will enter the conductor, who will lead the girls to create great symphonies. Those symphonies are the most powerful weapon against D2 and save the world.

The battles in Takt Op Destiny are like musical and colorful parties. It takes place in the traditional turn-based mechanism but looks fresh and modern. Moreover, it requires a bit of strategy, as shown in the way you create groups of girls.

It is the combat, tactics, and melodies that make the game irresistible.

Play the role of Conductor and lead Musicart girls

Anime character system – Musicart

Many characters from the anime movie will return in this game. They are Musicarts, girls with special musical power. Each girl has a beautiful appearance and her own skill system. You should explore them all to find ways to exploit their potential.

Each girl will be depicted in two formats, 2D and 3D. The 2D looks will be less flexible but show the anime art style exactly. So, their 2D beauty can make you mesmerized. Meanwhile, the 3D visuals make them look like funny chibi characters.

Takt Op Destiny characters (Musicart) in 2D and 3D format

Quests, modes, and events

Takt Op Destiny mobile game has a story mode, of course. Its story consists of many stages and is unlocked indefinitely. After completing certain tasks, you have access to a new stage with new missions and rewards.

We’re not sure if it has a co-op or PvP mode, so we’ll have to wait until it’s officially available in the coming weeks.

Join online modes and events to recruit Musicart

But we’re sure it has limited-time events, which is familiar in anime RPG games. These events are an opportunity for you to discover many difficult challenges, thereby receiving greater rewards, including bonuses, EXP, and items. You need them to unlock many new girls in the gacha system.

3D anime graphic style and music

This game will impress you with its high-end anime graphic style. Every detail is carefully designed, contributing to your “visual” experience. The most special is the character image, which is in 2D and 3D form. Musical girls promise to leave you nostalgic.

Moreover, skill effects and music are two important factors. Effects contribute to more explosive and epic battles, while music boosts your emotions.

The characters are also fully voiced by professional actors. That’s why Takt Op Destiny is so awaited.

Classical symphony music and amazing anime style

How to pre-register Takt Op Destiny on Android, iOS

Takt Op mobile game has officially opened the pre-registration event, but how do you join? Follow these instructions:

Step 1: Go to Takt Op. on TapTap.io.


Step 2: Log in or register your account on TapTap.


Step 3: Click “Pre-register” for Android or iOS, and you’ve done.


How to pre-register Takt Op Destiny game on PC

Many gamers love to play the game on PC, and here’s how to pre-register it:

Step 1: Go to Takt Op Destiny on BlueStacks and select “pre-registration”.


Step 2: You get a .exe file if you have never downloaded BlueStacks. Run it and install BlueStacks on your PC.


Step 3: Search for the game on the search bar and see if it’s pre-registered. If not, click “pre-registration” to complete.

Frequently asked questions about Takt Op Destiny

On which platforms is Takt Op Destiny available?

Takt Op Destiny is officially released only on Android and iOS, but you can also play it on Windows via emulators (e.g. BlueStacks).

What’s the requirement to play Takt Op mobile game?

  • Android 6.0 and above


  • Windows 7
  • Intel or AMD processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 5GB of available space

In short, Takt Op Destiny mobile game is worth exploring and experiencing. If you’re a fan of the anime RPG series, you’ll find it even more interesting. If you want to share your opinion about it, leave a comment below.

  • Gameplay80
  • Character System85
  • Easy-to-play75
  • Graphics90
  • Sound92



    the good

  • A nice plot about the fantasy music world.
  • Beautiful anime and chibi character system.
  • High-end graphic effects.
  • Great music from classical instruments.

    the bad

  • The chibi design is not as expected.
  • Only available on mobile platforms.
  • High graphics isn't compatible with some devices.

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