Privacy Policy – GameReply is born to create a healthy community where the latest news, guides, and reviews about video games and apps are shared. Every user accessing this website has the right to privacy, and we respect it. That’s why we’d like to clarify the privacy policy regarding user information. It’s available in Privacy Policy here.

What is the privacy policy?

This policy will tell you what information we collect from you and how we process it. If you visit this website and read the privacy policies without any response, you agree to them. If you don’t accept our privacy policies, you may contact us or stop accessing to GameReply.

Information we collect from you

It has two main types of data that we collect from you when you visit the website: log data and comments.

Log data

When you visit this website, our server automatically logs data provided by your web browser. This data is not self-identifying you, so it’s called “non-identifying information”.

It includes your computer’s IP (Internet Protocol), browser version, access time, surfing time per page, and more. In addition, we collect data about your device, such as the device’s type, ID, and operating system.


When you visit our website, you have the right to comment on each article. Our servers automatically collect your comments, moderate them, and display them on the page (if they pass our moderation criteria).

How we collect your information

We use a familiar way of collecting information, which is cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data that our website stores on your device. When you visit the website, cookies automatically access your device so that we know how you use our website.

It helps us understand users’ behavior, interests and how long they spend on pages. Based on that information, we have a way to recommend content tailored to each user.

How we use your information

Information is collected continuously on our website. So we have a large amount of data to use for important things, which are:

Personalize your experience

This is the most important purpose for which we collect your information. Based on the information we collect (the type of device you use to access the web, the articles you click on, how long you stay on each page, etc.), we get to know you, thereby bringing you what you need.

Create a place for all players to share and interact

Under each post, we have a comment section to show everyone’s comments. Do you want to share your opinion about games and apps? Want to ask someone for a gaming tip? Want to share your gaming secrets with others? “Comment” on pages is a place to express your personality.

Keep the system stable and healthy

We always respect the privacy and freedom of every user. However, to create a healthy community, we collect comments to moderate them. After collecting your comments, the system automatically moderates and removes inappropriate comments (spam and vulgar comments).

Right to access information

We use third-party services (Google Analytics, Google Adsense) for:

  • Tracking and analyzing
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Content Marketing

These third services may access our data systems to perform the tasks. However, we only share non-identifying information and don’t allow them to disclose or use any information for private purposes.

In some cases, governments and law enforcement agencies may ask us for data. We will deny such a request if it isn’t relevant to the stated purpose. If the request is to protect the rights and safety of any community or individual, we will cooperate with them.

Your rights and responsibilities

As our users, you have the right to know what we collect from you and how it is handled. You also have the right to edit your information such as adding, deleting comments, updating personal profile information, etc. If you don’t want us to collect information from you, stop using this website or contact us if you have any interest.

Privacy Policy’s update

The content on this page belongs to Privacy Policy on the GameReply website. It can be changed if we think that’s necessary for our stability and growth. As our user, you have the right to know if there are any changes.

We will notify you via contact information if necessary. Changes are publicly visible here, so you can view them at any time. Your continued use of this website means that you agree to the current privacy policy.

Thank you for your cooperation!